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Tank Setup

Which tank should I choose?

I am upgrading from a 37g to one of these Petsmart tanks.
My fish are still very small but this is what I have:
1 X blood parrot
2 X angelfish
8 X series tetras

Which of these tanks would be the best choice for what I have? My wall space is limited to 40" otherwise I would go bigger.

(1) National Geographic
46 gallon boqfront
36" X 16 X 20

(2) Aqueon
65 gallon
36.4 X 18.4 X 25

Also what filter would be best?



There's Never-Enough Filtration... But It's Nothing Without Water-Flow!

I just learned a hard lesson or two... and my babies suffered during it because of my stupid ego. 

It goes like this:

During a water-change few weeks back, I decided it was time to singularly unitize my 40-gal's filtration into one large container. With it on-hand (API XP4), I eliminated the the two smaller ones setup in-series (XP2->XP3) and also rang-out the sponge media on the inlet tube. With part of the sponge media gone from within the previous canister setup, I thought everything would be fine... Or so I thought. 


Crash-Starting a Tank & Setting-up a Aqua-Clear HOB For Best Results

Recently, I was forced to restart a tank that sat dormant & pretty-much dry for two months. Being short on time, I followed some advice on YouTube & made a few changes of my own to the effort with great success, as within one week I had crystal-clear water... And have ever since! Doing so went as follows:


Orange clay pots?

I've seen pictures of aquariums with orange clay pots in them. Are they safe for aquarium use? Our large BP is digging in his new 55 gallon tank & the pet store mentioned it was because he doesn't feel like he has his own area. I'm considering buying a clay pot & setting it in the aquarium for him. Suggestions? Advice? Thank you. 


Cichlid Stones for Blood Parrots

Hi Everyone, Has anyone been able to find a cichlid stone with a large enough opening for a Blood Parrot?  My guy (or gal!) is about 4 inches tall and long.  Does anyone know of where I can find a stone large and tall enough for him?  (His name is Mr. Peaches, and I've had him 4 or 5 years.)  He had a stone that he loved when he was smaller.  I've looked everywhere for one for him.


Emergent Plants in Aquarium

Emergent, fast growing plants are good for dealing with nitrates in the water. I'm using lucky bamboo successfully. Has anyone found any other effective emergent plants?

Thank you!


Wanting a Parrot Cichlid

So I am wanting ONE parrot cichlid and I have a 16 gallon aqueon bowfront tank with everything in it and it has been up and running now for over a week. I was thinking about getting a juvenile which the ones I'm looking at ranges between 2-4 inches. I know they can get big AND that is why I have a 55 GALLON acrylic aquarium I hope someone can give me some advice and if they can't get in the 16, can someone give me some other EXOTIC fish recommendations???


Home sweet home!

For my fish I like to keep a tank with some live plants,driftwood and natrual looking hides such as rocks and caves. But I also house them with fish of their community but also ones who come from South and Central America. Such as convicts,angelfish,and also midas and blue front cichlids who make the beautiful hybrid parrot cichlid. Also I think a 30-40 gal tank should be to just hold one parrot cichlid or with other fish a 50-240 gal aquarium. I have sand as my substrate woth pebbles in it. It is ok to have sand but add a some pebbles for them to pick on.


Gravel and Tank moving advice

Upgrading to a new tank and need advice. Wet/dry sump with bio balls down below in 29 gallon and overflow sponge filter.



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