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Blood Parrot unable to chew, help!

Hi, I have had my blood parrot for over 5 years. He has always had a voracious apetitie but recently I noticed that while he took food into his mouth, it was coming back out minutes later. It seemed as though he was trying to chew but couldn't hold it in his throat to do so. (This is different than bloat in my opinion as he does not spit the food back right away and try again--he keeps it in for a long time trying to eat it) He can also hardly get the food by himself, I don't know if he can't see well or just can't angle his large body under it correctly.


Help needed for 2x Young parrots


Please HELP! Our red parrot fish got white stuff.


Can you please identify the white bit on our parrot fish body (pictured) and advise me of how to cure her?

She has been with this for weeks, and it seems growing.

We change her water in two weeks usually (a half amount, 10 litters). The water parameters are normal.




Potential Fin Rot?

Hi all,

I have had my fish Russ for about 6 years now, and am hoping that he does not have some sort of fin rot. I have noticed that the edges of his fins and tail appear slightly jagged in places. He never had signs of white on his fins, which, when I looked it up, was a symptom that materializes before the pieces of the fin "rot" off. He lives alone, so he is not being harassed by another fish. 


Red tube hanging out

My blood parrot cichlid has had this red tube hanging out for about 5 days. In the past it has usually gone away on its own but this time it only seems to be getting worse. I am not sure what to do and I am really concerned. The fish tank is 40 gallons and there is only one other fish in the tank, the algae eater. 


HELP NEEDED Poorly fish....

Please see attached picture has anyone ever encountered this we have no idea what it is? ?



Mystery Illness

I have two medium sized parrot cichlids (about 5-6in.) that are housed in a 36 gal. tank they were moved into about two months ago. I have had them for over 4 years now but I am by no means an expert keeper on parrot cichlids so I am looking for some help! While one fish is always healthy (knock on wood), the other seems to get sick quite often. Right now, he/she just stays near the top corner of the tank and appears to be quite lethargic. This fish is also quite large and pale in the belly area and has little to no appetite at all.


white spot mouth fungus

I recently noticed one of my bp has a white spot under her lower inside lip. I did an online search which matches something of a mouth fungus. My water conditions are fine: 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 15 nitrate, 84 degrees My 2 bps share a 50 gallon tank with 10 tiger barbs and 2 nerite snails. This is the first time any bacterial infections have happened. I just did a 50% water change today and added aquarium salt. My bp seems to be normal and still eats. Hopefully in a few days the mouth fungus will go away. Has anyone had any mouth fungus with your bp?


need some advice....we had 4 parrots and all was well until ....

my hubby brought home a didn't look well, missing some scales and kinda pinky looking flesh.  I told him next time to wear his glasses when he is picking out fish.  Anywhoo, thought it would get better, in short, the fish died in a mattter of a few weeks.  Next thing my parrot is showing the same signs....scale loss, looks like a skin disease almost peeling.  I removed him, then another one got it....this is all within 2 weeks.  I am now left with my 2 oldest parrots who so far have not shown any sign of scale loss or discolour.  I have done water changes every 3 days and turn


Growth on Face of Parrot

Hello eaveryone!  This is my first post and I need help with one of my Parrot's.  On the center of his face os a large growth.  It started out red like a large pimple but has grown to having a cauliflower look to it.  He has had these one other time and they cleared up, only to return.  None of his tank mates have any of the same problems.  He still eats and swims ok.  I have him in a hospital tank by himself now with Melafix (thought maybe it would help).  He also has missing scales on the sides.  My water is all within the good range.  I think I am a bit overstocked so I am reducing my fi



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