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We have had our parrot cichlids for about 5  years and I've noticed that one of the fish has a very narrow mouth and has difficulty eating. We have tried flake food, blood worms and pellets and she (who knows if it is female) can't seem to suck in the food effectively. Anybody hav any thought on how to help her or what other foods we should try?




Best Diet for BPs?

Hi guys,

I am looking to change my fish's diet soon, as I am running out of food. He currently is on New Life Spectrum Community formula. I have heard good things about Hikari and other diets, but was wondering if anyone had advice? Should I just get the same stuff if he's been doing well on it? 


Neon Tetras: A Live-Feed Alternative for Your Blood-Parrot(?)

Let me begin with the following truth: I keep a community tank, and it's partially made-up of Angelfish. I originally had seven Blood Parrots in it but was forced to remove six--Four relocated to smaller tank, two juvies given-away--for sake of water quality. 


Hasn't eaten for days

usually a pig!  Just finished week long treatment for ich.  Water at constant 86. Very active tries to eat bit spits back out. Hasn't eaten in over three days for sure. Very worried. Have tried pellets, flakes, dried shrimp, and peas. Help


Greens/Veggies-Good as Part of a Regular Diet?

I've heard that feeding peas aids in the digestion of fish when they are having GI issues, and that feeding greens/veggies weekly aids in good digestion. I was curious as to whether this was true or not. I was going to alter my parrot's diet and offer him a bit of greens once a week. I was thinking of purchasing the "emerald entree" frozen food. Suggestions?



I boil up some water then throw in some frozen spinach leaves and a brussel sprout, let them cook for a couple of minutes then pour a little cold water over them after I take them out then I cut them up into small pieces. In my tank are 4 silver dollars, 2 rainbow cichlids, 3 gouramis ( 2 gold, 1 opaline) 1 large tinfoil barb, 2 plecos and 3 Blood Parrots. 15 fish in a 55 gl. tank. When I put these cut up vegetables in the tank every one of my fish, ( except the plecos) race to the spot and frantically gobble up the offering! They all seem to love spinach and brussel sprouts lol!



I have my parrots for about 6 months, and are slowly learning they are picky eaters. I was feeding them small minnows, and red wigglers plus flakes, pellets. Now they are off & on about feeding on minnows? Any suggestions on live feeding would be appreciated.


What veggies can I give them?

My daughter's parrots are very young, and I've read that you shouldn't give them fruit because of cloudy water. I was wondering, her plecos love acorn and butternut squash, would that be good for parrots too? Also what other veggies are good for them. We have a frozen medley of brocoli, califlower and carrots, would any of those be ok and how should I go about giving them. Are they even old enough for something like that? They are quarter sized. They eat fish flakes, dried blood worms, freeze dried baby shrimp, nibble at the alge cakes and sometimes tubix cakes.


How much do I feed my RP???

I have him alredy 1 month, he is 4in, and I am afraid to give him too much or too little, I feed him with pellets, those that floats,( I guess they have air inside) so the pellets don't sink in the bottom, 10 or 15 a day... is it ok????


What are the best foods for my blood parrots?

I was doing some reading on using live foods but some said that you shouldn't use them often because of the fat content in them. I was wondering what is the best live food to feed them? And what is the best brand of dried food you guys have used? I know to feed them peas every week but I want them to have a variety in their food. I do have a 10 gallon tank that i could breed my own food in such as shrimp if that is good. My local store also sells frozen blood worms. So what is the best?



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