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True breed of BPS

Can anyone suggest any website where I can order true breeds of BPS... Any color..

I would like to get a pair imported to India and I want to buy it from a reliable source. Please suggest some US websites.

Any help appreciated.


Site update

Hi all,

I just updated the site and I had to disable all forms of private messaging for a while because there is no compatible module for that out yet. I'm sorry, but the "contact" form available when you click each user's name is still working.



what r the points for ?

im new to this cub and i want to know what are the points for ?


Christmas Decorating?


I am about to start unpacking all of my Christmas stuff for the holidays, but my fish tanks always look boring and never decorated. Is there a way that I can decorate my tanks for Christmas? All ideas please.


cone snails

Has anyone had experience using "Had-a-snail" in your BP tank? I have aquired quite an abundance of cone snails. I'm picking a palm full out once for sure, sometimes twice (it's a timing thing) a day.
I've had my tank several years and this is a first; I'm suspecting the little varmits came in with the frozen krill.
I won't risk my BPs by using an "iffy" treatment and although I can keep on hunting and picking the snails, I thought perhaps someone has been here done that, successfully.




JUst to remind everyone,Monday night is chat night,see you in our chat room 7pm GMT

NOTE from PCG: That's 2PM EST, 1PM CST, 12 Noon MST, 11 AM PST.


Major Upgrade to site

Hi all - I'm doing a major upgrade to the site software, so things might not look right or work right for a few days. Please be patient.



Where can i buy some wild colored Parrots

Can someone please sell me some Parrots for my Tank i want some purple or Pink ones i have to amazing orange ones already and am looking for a few more thanks


parrot cichlids tank mates

can a parrot cichlid live with lake malawi and lake tanganyikan cichlids.


Leave your mark on posterity! Add information to ParrotCichlidPedia

After trying out various options, I've decided to leave ParrotCichlidPedia in its current form. I've completely updated the software, and I'll be happy to give you rights to create and edit pages if you would like to write short articles for our encyclopedia of Parrot Cichlid Information!


Fixing the gallery

Hi all -

I'm working on fixing the gallery which has been having technical issues ever since I tried to embed it into this part of the site. It will be back online soon, thanks for your patience!



Jelly Bean Parrots

Hi, I've had blood parrots for about 3 years now and have just recently heard about jelly bean parrots. Can somebody tell me where I can find some real nice ones on the internet? I would really like to breed them.


Technical issues - please let me know by email if the site is down.

We have been experiencing some technical issues on all my sites lately, so there have been times when you can't get to the site. If you have problems getting here, please email me at and I'll get it back online quickly. I apologize for the problems, but this one is fairly difficult to fix.


anyone in new york area?

Hi guys,

i might be needing to give a few of my parrots new homes, for free. Not sure yet.... If anyone is interested let me know... they must go to a good home... I am thinking this through....


parrot farm

I just found this video on youtue. Its in Malay but it provides good video footage of how parrots aka, Ikan "blood parrot" are bred commercially. So cool!

Might be better to turn the sound down.


All the old web links are back online - Take a look!

Just finished putting up all the weblinks from the old site. There is a lot of great information in there, well worth the time to browse through them.


Sorry for the downtime - server maintenance last night

Sorry the site was unavailable last night. I think the hosting service was changing us all over to php 5.0, so it was all offline for several hours. We're back up and running now!


How do you like all the changes?

I figured out that the module that was verifying emails on new accounts was a little too aggressive. If you had any trouble signing up, drop me a line and let me know. Also let me know how you are liking the new features. Are you having any other technical problems? Send me an email!


What's New?

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Please help test the new software!

Hello and welcome to our newly refurbished site. Things are still in a state of transition, and I'm working hard at bringing over all the old messages and comments. Within a day or so I'll have a lot of the old stuff moved over.

Meanwhile, please test your login name and password, by entering it on the left, and try posting a message about your fish! To post,



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