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Is this a Blood Parot Cichlid?

I was on the internet lsat night trying to get new BPs for my tank becase mine have died. The post said they were  kissing gourami's but i think they are white BPs but i would like your opinon

image 2042593211-1                 image 2042593211-0



In every cichlid   fight by my fish a blood parrot is included in there so they are my trouble makers pretty much there have been a couple without them but they are mean toalot offish except the severum they a re scared of him. the y are wimps around him


whats with the comments

hey does anyone know what is with all the strange comments? are they spam? some are about shoes. some i think are about games. they are comments in ppls posts. new ones everyday.


How to add video and movies to your posts!

1. Put the video on YouTube, then copy the Embed code. Use the "Old Embed" code as shown below. 

2. Come back to this site. Click Post a New Message to start a new message.

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New Text editor being tested -please try posting pics of your fish

I've uninstalled the old text-editor that was giving us problems, including uploading images. The new one, OpenWYSIWYG, appears to work well with Firefox, but does not work with Safari. So it probably will not work with Chrome. I don't have Internet Explorer, so if you can test it with IE, I'd appreciate it.
This one should also work in comments as well as posts, which would be an improvement.



If you are having trouble posting...

If you are having trouble posting - please wait till tomorrow afternoon. I made some changes which may have created problems. I'll try to have it fixed by then.


Update! There is a new text-editor in place. Please try it out - kick the tires, try to upload an image.



I bought Lucy around 2 weeks ago. She was bright orange and shy. After a week she stoped being shy and started to follow my finger around on the glass, so she made everybody in the house happy:)
2 days ago something changed... Lucy stoped eating, became very veryy pale and was moving around really slowly. Now it's even worse: her head's "skin" has something like wrinkles and her eyes changed color and became smaller..!


uv light

can i have a uv light in with my parroys. im new to having fish and just wanted to know thanks



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