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Fishy Update

Well, this morning during my routine feedings I noticed one of my gourami's is down...The powder blue doesnt look to be too good atm. Dont know why, The water is fine and all so all there is to do is hope for the best...but I'm almost certain he will be gone when I get home today.

In other Blood Parrot related news, I learned that my little dude (the baby) is a bubblegum parrot. I looked through some photos online and found one that is identical to him. As for the others, still in hiding, but I know deep down they love me...LOL


Hey upsate on my parrot fish

Both my parrots are still doing good and I remember i started of with 10 black skirt tettrasnow only8 the tank also has a rainbow shark and an albino chocolate pleco i am getting another parrot and a jd jack demsey but i will probavly get the parrot first and i wonder who got a hold of the black skirts i know it was not the parrots they leave them alone


New "meebo" Chat room

Hi all,

I'm trying a NEW and hopefully better chatroom. It's a chat, which means it's professionally run and has some nice features, like the way you can play a video right in the chat. Please try it out - I hope it works well for you.

To get there, you just click Chat (by meebo) over in the left navigation. Or just click here!



Login name.

Hey parrotcich gal,

is it possible to chang the login name?


Yipes, sorry for the technical problems!!

I am very sorry!!!

A new spam filter was malfunctioning and I did not notice
right away because the site seemed to be up and looking normal - unless
you looked at the date! I've set it so that if it malfunctions again, it simply goes away, NOT blocks everything on the site!! I didn't notice right away because the site seemed to be up and looking normal, until I took a close look at the dates on the posts.


I would like to get some blood parrot cichlids

Hi my name is krystal and i would like to buy some blood parrot cichlids,and I can only find them in petstores is there any breeders out there for these wonderful man made fish? I live in the montreal qc area



before i measured how big my parrot fish today i rememberd last time measured them and the little one was 3 inches and the big one was 4 and a half inches and last time i measured them it was in the middle of summer and now the little one is 4 inches and the big one is 5 and a half inches and i only had the little one not two years and the big one I had over two years the small one will be two in november


Update: I'm adding a new spam blocker to the site

Well we were lucky for a long time, and had very little spam, but now apparently spam is increasing. So I have re-instituted spam protection. What it means for you is that when you click "Submit" on a comment or post, you will see a "captcha" form, asking you to type some letters. If you get them wrong you can try again. When you type them correctly, it will send your post through.
It's a little more inconvenient but will help keep things neat around here.

On my other site, I get hundreds a day sometimes, so I shouldn't complain!



who is faster

Are angel fish faster than blood red parrot fish


new site

come and take a look at a great site, you can belong to more than one  Kolton's Aquarium


Fiddler Crabs

Hi,I thought this was a little off topic for the forum, but ParrotCichlidGirl said to post it anyway so I wanted to see
if you would know if a fiddler crab gets out of its cage, how can you
lure it out of hiding.  They have been fine until last night they were
all laying around the cage slowly moving around and then this morning
one was missing.  I had them on the end of my island in my kitchen and
I have looked high and low and can't find her.  Any ideas


Posting Images using the new toolbar!

  • First and foremost - do NOT use Safari or Chrome for this site at this time. I hate to say that but for the moment it is NOT working with this editor module. Grrr! Anyway, please use Firefox or IE.
  • Click the green square. upload image icon
  • A little window will come up. Look on it for  a button that says "CHOOSE FILE". 
  • Click that, and browse to your images folder in your computer. Select an image and click "CHOOSE". 

Testing on Safari

The new toolbar allows you to change text styles and colors and upload images.It may not work in Safari or Chrome. On the other hand, this was posted in Safari, so I think it works as long as you don't switch back and forth between the fancy new editor and  "Plain Editor". 


New message and image tools

At Shaz's suggestion, I've added a new feature to the message posting functions. You'll see a toolbar when you post your messages, and it allows images to be inserted. 


New Web Forum for Parrot Cichlid Owners

[Edited by PCG - Link is no longer valid 01-19-11]

A new forum has opened for Blood Parrot Enthusiasts and their friends to share information and help. Obviously it's a new site, so your input would be greatly appreciated in building a community that all blood parrot fans can use and enjoy.

We really look forward to see you there....

Kind regards

Team Blood Parrot.



I'm testing a new gallery concept. Need volunteers to test!

Hi all, I'm trying a new gallery concept based on Flickr sets. I need people to try it and let me know if it is worth pursuing.

Go to

This Page

and try to follow the directions. Each of you can make as many gallery pages as you like. You must have a Flickr account to use it, though.


worrysome coloring on blood parrot

I have worked in a petstore for a while and have watched blood parrots and they are by far my favorite fish. I see them start at a dark grey or black color and transform into a beautiful orange. However for some reason my newest (Tang) has kept his black on his upper half and has not changed his coloring in over 6 months (besides pinkening for mating time)


Parrot Size

What's the largest parrot you ever seen? I seen one 12" before


Let's try this again!

I have a 44 gallon tank. In it I have 1 small catfish, 3 white clouds, 1 cardinal, 9 tetras and a platy. I would love to get a BP. I just fell in love with them in the store. They made me smile every time I watch them. Anyway, I was wondering if I should get one or two of them. I have no plans on upgrading my tank. I'm thinking I should just get the one but I don't know if they would be lonely. Would one be less aggressive than if I got two of them? Would they prefer a companion? Would they get along with the fish I already have or should I give some of them to my daughter?


May Day Parrot fishes update...

Just to share an update on my parrot fishes...

May day updates:

Have fun!



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