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What makes Blood Parrots

For some of you who are wondering what fish made Blood Parrots, the original fish used make Parrots were Midas Cichlid (Amphilophus Citrinellus) and Redhead Cichlid (Vieja Synspilum). There is a lot of misinformation saying Severums were used and thats how they get their shape but this is not true.


Got baby Scotty today :)


What Silicon for a tank repair ???


Did anyone repaired a broken glass before on a tank. I am in the process of repairing my one that cracked the bottom glass about two week ago. I have successfully removed the broken peace and ordered a replacement glass (a bit thicker than the original).

What type of silicon should I use and any tips on doing a neat job with it will be appreciated???



BAD BAD BAD ----- Cosmetic Fish Surgery

I found this article on the web its a must read .... Would like to hear your thoughts about this
Check out the article below:


Water Test Kits ???

Hi.... I am thinking of purchasing my own water test kit but need some recommendations. Digital or Liquid kits? I want something that can test most of the different parameters and that is accurate.


Tank Overheating -- Need ADVICE please???

Hi....Does anybody have an idea to cool down a 180 litre tank. The
problem in South Africa is where I am staying that the ambient temperature in
the room with my fish tank gets to high during the day and my tank heats up to
about 29 degrees Celsius. I have a fan on in the room but it doesn't seem to
help any, except moving the hot air around. I thought at first it was a heater
problem, but it is not, I have disconnected it completely. At night the temperature
will drop somewhat. I know BP can handle 28 degrees but my other fish are not


Happy Holidays everyone!

Thank you all for your contributions and wisdom during the year. Best wishes for the New Year to all of you and your fishy friends!


I want to get a parrot cichlid?

Right now i have a 10 gal. tank that has a few guppies in it, a platy, and a black skirt tetra. My plan is to not buy any more and then when about a year or whoever long it takes and i have no more fish, i want to get a parrot cichlid.
He (or she) would be all by himself in my that ok?
Is 10 gal. an ok size?
How long about would he get and how old?


55 gallon cichlid tank

My cichlid tank is ready and some fish are in it I have a pleco a blood parrot both firemouths and got a jewel cichlid. Have to wait to ad severum ahli and bigger blood parrot until jewel cichlid grows also probably getting some other cichlid.


Some people are so CRUEL!!

I was looking for 2 new BPs to add to my tank and i find this add online and it says selling 10 gallon tank and blood parrot cichlid and i thought it must be a baby to fit in there. So i email them and ask if i could but the BP and not the tank and i asked how big he was. The said i could and the said he has 5 inches long!!!! That made me soo angry!! A 5 INCH BP IN A 10 GALLON TANK!!! ARE THE MAD!! ant then they had the nerve to tell me that he couldnt go with my other fish because he was agresive!



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