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Blue blood Parrot cichlid pictures

Here are some pictures hopefuly.

Scott "The Plumber"


Blue Blood Parrot Cichlids

Hello Everyone,
This is my first ever post. Ever. Any where.


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Is my fish dying??!!

Is my fish dying ?!! I saw today him for the 3rd time doing like this: 




Short Body Lutino Oscar

Just got a short bodied lutino from my room mate that didn't want him anymore.  Anyone know anything about them? Can this trait be bred for? How common are they? How big will it get? What is the smallest fish that would be safe with him? It is about 4 inches now and almost as tall.  Really reminds me of a parrot with the face and markings of a lutino oscar. I'm super stoked about it as I have wanted it ever since I realized it was a short body. I can't believe he gave it up so easily. Now I gotta some how find room for another tank.


can you teach a blood parrot tricks?

hi im just curious but is it possible to teach your blood parrots tricks like if you had to drop a hoop into your tank and they you would bring it up back to you ?ect
my blood parrots are pretty active they play what looks to be hide and seek and race to the air filter when they see each other
thanx :)



hi guys i was just wondering about how old do they fry usually start to peel to their orange color thanks!


lace catfish

he is probably my favorite fish i have ever owned  he is the most active fish in my cichlid tank and he is the most active bottom feeder i have ever seen


i am still sad

i cant believe he died really i am just  stunned he died int he same position he lay as he had just been introduced 4 years ago a 3 inch midgit



quick question, i like puffer fish, can i have one in with my cichlids? just wondering. also, do you know any information about types of puffers that literally puff up? I have been watching them on youtube and they are CUTE. I did watch one tear a guppy in half though, so i know they are aggressive or hungry!





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