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Please help test the new software!

Hello and welcome to our newly refurbished site. Things are still in a state of transition, and I'm working hard at bringing over all the old messages and comments. Within a day or so I'll have a lot of the old stuff moved over.

Meanwhile, please test your login name and password, by entering it on the left, and try posting a message about your fish! To post,


A big thanks to Nash81!

Nash81 has graciously offered us his expertise as time permits, and has been commenting on many of your recent posts. He has had parrot cichlids for quite a few years, and we are grateful to get the benefit of his experience.


New look coming soon

I 've been working hard at figuring out how to convert the old stories and accounts to a new system, and it's starting to look possible. We will have completely new software running this site soon, with many new conveniences for you and new features.


just saying hi

i was just saying hi becouse i am new here



I'm new to this site. Is there anywhere for us to upload and share our pictures?


Hey guys , Parrotcichlidgirl said it was ok for me to post this, in case you guys want to join a new forum all about aquariums, it would be great if you would check it out. Most good names are still available if you want a really cool username!

It's and this is the link: Aquarium Forum. Best regards! Pete


Dwarf Jellybean Convict

 Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting This is supposedly called a " Dwarf Jellybean Convict" Said to get about 2" max, and is a runt of the convict...? Does this sound right? Do they have teeth?


Another place to get advice fast - Blood Parrot Forum

If you have a big question, and need help fast, consider posting it also in the Blood Parrot Forum Friendly Parrot Cichlid owners ready to give good fishkeeping advice!



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