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i know this has nothing to dowith bloodparrots but i like advise from here i have a ten gallon tank that id like to set up as a 10 gallon nano reef tank  i know i can only have 2-3 lil fish in there with a couple invetabrates but any help or advise is appreciated this would b my first saltwater tanki know i have more work to do than a freshwater tank


orange with blue spots

Hi everyone, the purple parrot crosses i have been working on in my quest to get blood parrot shaped with color morphs fish, has produced an orange, torpedo shaped, with blue spots, fish. I will have to upload a picture of it. I am also trying to cross a purple blood parrot with a flower horn cichlid. Again, parrot shaped with flowerhorn colors. Stay tuned for updates, fishy people!

Scott " The Plumber"



This is a really stupid question but Can ich be seen with the naked eye or do you need the aquarium light to see it??

i can only see the spots if my aquarium light is on is this normal??indecision


Help (:

I have a 55 gallon tank and two fish occupy it. One's a Blood Parrot
and the other's a golden algae eater.  I want more occupants for this tank.
Any suggestions?


purple blood parrot cross breeds

Hello everyone,


Please answer...!!!

I decided to create another post because no one has replied to my former post, "NEW and EXCITED", my questions are:

How do i know if im buying a real one, not a dyed one?

how many in 29 gallons, im uprgading soon. (7/??) im buying them at 2 inches (tan/gray color, they get colors when theyre older/bigger)



blood parrot cross breeds

Hello everyone,


im back

i am picking up a little blood parrot soon i used to have a year a couple years ago wen they died looking for new one lol


purple parrot and red texas crosses

Hello everybody,

I have been posting pics of my parrot crosses, but it has been awhile since i posted their parents. Here goes.

Scott The Plumber


Tropical Storm Sandy

With Tropical Storm Sandy headed my way, I am worried about a major power outage in my house for as many as three days. This of course means that my heaters and filtration in my tank with 2 bps will not be working. Is this going to wipe out my fish?:(

Is there anything I can do?



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