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Breaking News! Scientists recognize what we knew all along!

A big story came out a couple of days ago: 

Fish Can Recognize Your Face.

Apparently even though fish don't have the brain structure that animals usually use to discriminate between faces, they can tell people apart anyway! 

Desolate Tanks: Being Forced To Leave the Hobby

I was forced to give-up my five babies to a reputable LFS the other day... The friend I kept them by--a 70-y/o lady with mobility issues--went into a care facility after a hospital stay & it appears she might be there for good. Her apartment was Section-8, so that means "Bye-bye, apartment..." and no place to keep the fish or equipment we've garnered over last year's time. I say "we" as it was initially just my way of trying to make her happy...


Parrot Cichlids Make the BIG SCREEN!

The other night, I found myself bored... And typically in being so, I fliped-around on cable until I sa a title that caught my interest: "Blackhat" (2015) - A tale of an American prison-released hacker helping to track cyber-criminals in China via a joint effort between the two countries. Anyway... About an hour in, right in the middle of a foot-chase scene, they cut to a close-up shot of a fishtank... And what to my surprise do I spot? A small, mature (female?) Blood-Parrot Cichlid...


How to upload images

I just revised the instructions for uploading your images, since the system has been updated. Click the HELP link at the top of the page to find it or just click this link to see it now.


using nerite snails to control brown algae

Just got 3 tiger nerite snails yesterday to reduce some of the brown algae or diatoms on my aquarium glass. I just finished closing up the top lid excluding my 2 power filter openings to keep my snails from sneaking out the tank. I'm impressed so far from the algae they have consumed. I did a research and nerite snails were the best snails for eating algae and they will not reproduce on fresh water. They are also cute and fun to watch, but poop a lot. Has anyone here have nerite snails, and how long have yours lived or living? I'm fascinated with lifespans of living creatures.


Biggest and longest lived or living blood parrots

Just checking to see what is the biggest blood parrot known from personal experience or rumors? And the same for longest lived or living. This is for regular blood parrots only. I got my 2 bps about 2 yrs ago when they were about an inch and a half.


purple parrot crosses update

Hello Everyone,

I was looking at the stuff on the borders of this site and noticed that article about where did blood parrots come from? Well, one of the pictures is a red headed chichlid. That is the exact shape most of them were. I will have to get a picture of my orange, blue, and black hybred purple parrot X red texas chichlid. Wich has almost no black left on it. just orange and differant shades of blue. 

Scott The Plumber


blood parrot X red texas update

Hello Everyone, I still have a couple of those blod parrot hybreds i have been working on. A whille back i got a purple blood parrot and a red texas cichlid to breed, and most of the babys turned out to be normal fishy shaped, and ran from black to metallic blue with ruby red eyes. I have one that is orange, and blue, with some black, wich i expect to fade away. Only two had any kind of parrot shape to them. And overall they tended to be on the eyeball eater side of mean, If you crowd them. I will have to post some more pictures.                

Scott The Plumber


New! User badges!

What are those little orange stars next to some people's names? 


Well, I'm trying out a system of user badges. If you post 5 items - messages or comments - you will get one star. 10 items gets you two stars! At the moment I've limited it to 4 stars maximum.


Parrot fish

Hi ive just had my first parrot fish and been looking at a few pics and some parrots have a bumb like the one on at the top of this site. But my parrot hasnt. Why is this? 




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