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Need a little help for my friends!

I have a 55 gal and changed the water about 30%.  I had 2 large parrots and 2 smaller african cichlids, 1 pleco and an albino frog.  The water was pretty foggy so I did the water change and my largest parrot in the morning looked like he had a stroke.  He was bent and swimming in circles.  I went to the pet store and used a treatment for almost any ailment specifically for cichlids and treated the entire tank.  I removed one of the africans in another tank as he started picking on the sick parrot.  We followed all instructions, treat 7 days, do a 25% water change and replace carbon filters.


Bubble at the poop hole

Can any one help and tell what this might be? The fish is approx 5 yrs old. He was giving to us and a few days after we got him home we noticed he has a bubble coming out of his bottom. Other than this spot he seems to be fine.


Possible hole in the head - Pls advise - Flowerhorn

I feel my Flowerhorn might have hole in the head... not sure though... it looks as if she has bumped her head on a rock... but just want to be sure... what sort of treatment would be advised?

Recent change : I removed the activated carbon from the tank.

Since the issue was observed.. I am adding a little salt and doing 30% water change every 3-4 days

Would post her photo in a day or two



HELP !!!!! , i have 5 bp fish the biggest 9" the second biggest seems to be very sluggish and is always at the top of the tank . it was swimming upside down yesterday and its belly seems a bit swollen i was frantically searching the web on what to do , i ended up massaging the fish's stomach and he has stayed up right and now swimms down to the bottom of the tank but seems to be having trouble, could anybody please help im at a loss xx


What Should I Prepare For?

I've had my trio of Angelfish for quite sometime now and i've been yearning for a cichlid.  After much research I decided that an oscar might be a bit much. I saw a Blood Parrot in a fish store near my house and fell in love. I just had a few questions for you parrot owners (I get different answers at every aquarium or store I visit!) How fast do they actually grow, i.e, what should I be prepared for? And can I have just two in one tank or does it need to be odd numbers? Thanks you guys!



I think he is dying

A few days ago I posted a message regarding treatment of my parrot (body or mind) anyway  I did separate him into a hospital tank and started treating with anti bacteria, today at day 5 (the last day of the treatment) his black coloration is almost completely gone but there is no life left in him, not eating just lying around moving only when the currant of water pushes him, up, down . he is alive but with absolutely no energy... do you think its the end?


Body or mind – what to do?


A new member

HI every one im new here I have 2- 125 gallon tanks with my cichlids I have south cichlids and the other tank has african im having a hard time right now my south cichlids are on treatment for ich what I need to know is when im done the treament for three days how do I know if it has gone away thay say to use the treatment again in one day ,how do I know if it has gone away help thay grow on u and I am scared that I may not get rid of the ich  THNAKS MIRIAM


New to Bloody Parrots!

Hello! I just bought a BP a week ago.  I only had my lone two cherry barbs and a pleco in my tank and they needed some freinds. I had planned on getting clown loaches because I love my clowns, but I decided against it when I saw this lonely guy.  He was the only BP in a tank full of Oscars at Walmart. And he sat there for two weeks. I just had to take him home, along with a beta for another splash of color in my tank.  And let me tell ya, I love this guy!  He has so much personality.


Parrot Fish

Jason J Cruz



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