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Parrot Care

my white parrot that looks like a ripe banana

I checked my ammonia and its at 0 nothing and she doesn't look stressed. Could she be mixed with a convict cichlid and now that she getting bigger thats why she getting more black on her body


Bp both just switched colors

My 2 blood red parrots are normally a bright hot orange. And I just noticed that both of them just changed to a pale color like a pastel orange. They'd healthy playing and eating, but what was up with the abrupt color change?


parrot food?

what can i feed my 2 pbs that will keep them that beautiful orange but will also not turn my other fish orange i have a jewel a texas and a salvini (im moving my texas he is going through puberty and getting super mean) also what are some bottom feeders i can put in with my fish



My daughter has had her blood parrot Jimmy for over a year now. We got him a larger tank almost 2 weeks ago and added other fish. The other fish have all died. Jimmy is now lying in the bottom of the tank one fin moving and still breathing. Had the water tested at the pet store. Said it was good. Changed 1/2 the water in the tank, not sure what else can do for him. He is now almost white!! Sorry to say Jimmy has passed away. We are very heart broken. Still not sure what could have happened to him. RIP Jimmy, we love you.


special care

i was given a purple jellybean parrot as a gift ...yes i know about the horrific dyeing but dont lecture me i had no choice its a gift... anyway is there any specail treatment i should give it vs a common bp is there any differences between them thar i should know right now


Power Outage

I really need to know some of your guys's techniques for keeping you fish warm during power outages. We have some sort of ice storm coming and out power may go out. We have NO backup generator and i really have nothing to do besides cover them up.


Inherited a Blood Parrot

I'm a new and inexperienced BP owner.  I was given a BP, who my mother named Junior, and a tiny, TINY tank (10 gallons) from my brother who no longer wants to take care of him.  What are the basic things I need to know about fishy care?  I feel like I've been failing at good care after reading all the previous posts.  My fish has stress spots and no hiding places and another fishy friend that I have yet to figure out the species of and I FAIL!  :(  Please help! 


Need a little help for my friends!

I have a 55 gal and changed the water about 30%.  I had 2 large parrots and 2 smaller african cichlids, 1 pleco and an albino frog.  The water was pretty foggy so I did the water change and my largest parrot in the morning looked like he had a stroke.  He was bent and swimming in circles.  I went to the pet store and used a treatment for almost any ailment specifically for cichlids and treated the entire tank.  I removed one of the africans in another tank as he started picking on the sick parrot.  We followed all instructions, treat 7 days, do a 25% water change and replace carbon filters.


Bubble at the poop hole

Can any one help and tell what this might be? The fish is approx 5 yrs old. He was giving to us and a few days after we got him home we noticed he has a bubble coming out of his bottom. Other than this spot he seems to be fine.


Possible hole in the head - Pls advise - Flowerhorn

I feel my Flowerhorn might have hole in the head... not sure though... it looks as if she has bumped her head on a rock... but just want to be sure... what sort of treatment would be advised?

Recent change : I removed the activated carbon from the tank.

Since the issue was observed.. I am adding a little salt and doing 30% water change every 3-4 days

Would post her photo in a day or two



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