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parrott laid eggs

my fish laid eggs and only 5 are pure white? what do i do to keep those fish safe so they can grow?


please help!!!

my big parrot is about 4 years old. Recently she developed some weird form on her head. I don't know if it's some kind of infection. I thought of hith but I suppose hith makes white little holes. I've done water change weekly and also added salt. My parrot fish is acting and eating normal like nothing happen. Could anybody tell me if my fish is sick and how to treat it..? please let me before too late.


red parrot tumour ?

hey there,
im a new user on the forum
i need some help to determine what type of disease my red parrot is suffering from
its weird i just notice it
please help is very appreciated ..


new to parrot fish

I have bought a 90 gallon tank and I have bought 2 parrot fish 2 convicts 2 south american cich and 2 Midas cich. Will any of these fish mate w3ith my parrot fish and the pet store said these fish would work well together...could someone please help me...I am new at this and need all the info that I can get.

thanks so much



What type/color of sand is best?


Please Help! I can't tell if he's sick/dying/messing with me

I've had my little Blood Parrot Rusty for over a year now. He's always been spunky and energetic. Last night, I noticed him hanging out at the bottom with his dorsal fin folded in, almost leaning against the tank wall. He will sit there with his body angled downward. Normally when I come near the tank, he comes right over, does a "feed me" dance, and just watches what I'm doing. Yesterday, he noticed me, but didn't come over. Eventually, I got him to move around some by swapping sides of the tank, but he wasn't his usual energetic self.



So I was wondering about breeding feeders. I have a ten gallon setup, with gravel and stuff with a filter and heater. So I was thinking guppies or seamonkeys, so I was wondering what you think.



I need some Help.  My 7" Blood Parrot began laying her eggs this morning, All looked fine as I looked in every so often.  Later in the evening about 2 hours ago I noticed something wrong with her breeding tube.  It looks like it exploded.  She is acting fine right now.  She is guarding her eggs as usual.  I need to know what I can do for her if anything.  Soon the tub will try to go back in and I'm not sure what to do then.  I will try to post pics with this post.


Is my fish sick or pregnant?????

Well today i saw that one of my parrot fishes was flipped upside down and the belly or stomach was huge! Anyone know how i can help it please respond as soon as possible!!!!!!


No clue what I am doing

I just started up my own aquarium have never done this  before other than a goldfish or two here and there I have a ten gallon it is my boyfriends he has an oscar 2 cichlids and my new pb in it and I want to know if they will hurt him or her??



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