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parrot fish looking pale

i recently set up a new tank and bought two parrot fish they started bright orange in color and now theyre looking pale to me... any suggestion?


Help!My Blood parrot is sick!

My active blood parrot is acting weird now. I bought two parrots last Sunday and one was dominating the other. But now the dominant one is acting weird. He stays in a position with his beak facing down at times with his anal fin folded. He will eat when i feed him but other than that he is a bit lethargic. He doesn't chase the other parrot as much as he used to. I did a partial water change yesterday because of this but still it's the same with him. All the other cichlids are fine. Please tell me whats wrong with him. Thank you.


stocking plan for 55 gallon? with 2 bp's

I have a 55 gallon tank set up that is cycled. I just purchased 2 baby 2" blood parrots two weeks ago. Today, I added my 2 two inch baby yoyo loach from a smaller tank, and a 2" clown pleco. And my Bp's are finally over their shyness! :)

-As far as stocking I would like to add these fish to my current setup, feedback wecome!
-1 or 2 kribensis: are they okay on their own or do they need to be in pairs?
-1 rainbow shark
-1 or 2 dwarf gourami
-1 more baby yoyo: my 2 current yoyo's are happy but would they be happier with another? Or not much difference?


Parrot Cichlid Turning White

I've had my Blood Parrot Russell for almost two years now. He lives alone, and I moved him to a new tank in October and I believe he stressed and shed his slime coat. I fixed him all up so he's not shedding anymore, and hasn't been for a while, but he's stayed white. He used to turn white if I left him for a few days, but then turn orange about the day after I got back. He hasn't returned to his normal color, though.


New Blood Red Parrot Cichlids.... Yellow Foreheads???

I picked up three Blood Red Parrot Cichlids about two weeks ago.  In the store all three were a solid, vivid orange.  Immediately upon their introduction to my tank, they became pale with yellow foreheads (if fish even have "foreheads" - didn't know what else to call it).  Their color eventually returned to the normal vivid orange, with the exception of the faded-yellow foreheads.  What's up with that?  Actually, looking at the fish, it's probably more like the bridge of their noses, not their foreheads.  Whatever.  Water temperature is about 80 degrees.  Ammonia and Nitrites = 0 ppm.  Nitr


Other cichlids that will be okay with 2 parrots in a 55 gallon?

Hi everyone, I'm getting a 55 gallon soon. I have my heart set on 2 baby blood parrots. I purchased "play sand" by quikrete for the substrate. I also have some hawaiian lava rock (I live on the island of Kauai, Hawaii) which I boiled and is in a bucket of water so I can test ph, etc after a week of soaking. I also have some smooth river rock that I boiled. I'm going to securely stack the rocks as I've seen in cichlid tanks, to provide hidey-holes. Which species of african cichlids are good with BP's in a 55? My local petshop has a huge tank with 1" assorted african cichlids.


Cycling question, can't wait to get 2 parrots!

I'm getting a 55gl tank this weekend, and plan on getting 2 baby blood parrots, I'm really excited :) I have a cycled 10 gallon running right now with an extra filter that's been growing bacteria for about 4 months. As soon as I get my 55gl home, I'm going to use 3-5 gallons of cycled water from my 10 gallon, put the extra filter in the 55 and add some gravel from my cycled tank to the 55. I'll add 1 or 2 guppies in there to keep the bacteria alive. After about 3 days, can I add 2 baby blood parrots?


Cannot Get Ammonia Level Down!



Water Issues

now my other tank is having issues! OY...


46 gal tank, with the Mardel Live Meter showed 'caution' on the Amonia/NH3 level. I did a 30% water change, and it got worse. I did a 50% water change and it got even more worse. Any ideas??


ParrotCichlidPedia needs you!

ParrotCichlidPedia has a new section called Tips and Tricks. Please contribute ideas you'd like to share with the rest of the community. I have written up a few of mine and posted them. Contact Parrot Cichlid Girl to publish your ideas or you can private message me and I will publish them for you with credit.



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