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Help in re-establishing my tank

I've got a sad story for you guys. I bought a BP 7 years ago. I knew nothing about them, just like the looks. We started out in a 5 gallon, moved to a 10 gallon, and last a 29 gallon tank. I was thinking very seriously about going to a 55 gallon tank for this one fish! He was beautiful. But, very aggressive. He lived alone because he killed every tank mate we tried. I named him Hannibal. He had personality.


White Spot on my Parrots please...

Hi everybody!


Brain has a hole in his head!

I have a very large Blood Parrot Cichlid, and he has a small hole in his head. It's smaller than a grain of rice and doesnt seem to be infected. I don't know how he got it. Should I be worried?


Best Place to purchase

I love parrot fish. I currently have three. They are pretty small right now. I would like to add at least one or two more. I find that my local fish/pet stores do not seem to have the healthiest of fish, or they are VERY overpriced. I looked at them yesterday and this stores tanks looked clean and stocked with healthy fish but, a small parrot fish was $40 a peice. Can anyone recommend a online site maybe I can order off of or what a decent price is for these fish so I can possibly talk to the owner of this store and suggest that his parrots are WAY over priced... Thanks


ask almost anything

I am really good with almost every kind of fish I have had fish all my life I have A 2 hundred gallon , 30, 25 show tank, 15, 10, and 5, I want to make my own information page how do i do this


Rock Stuck in Mouth/Other one throwing up

Please help...I have 2 BP's and one of them has a rock stuck in their mouth and either won't or cannot eat. The other one has also quit eating and has actually thrown up a bit. I am unsure how to help the one with the rock and do not know what to do with the one that is throwing up and will not eat. Please help!!


Water Changes

I have a thirty gallon tank with one jellybean parrot and one rainbow shark. How much water should I change in a thirty gallon tank?



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