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Ok, after reading though articles on this WONDERFUL website, i cant seem to find anyone with the issue I am having.


Just purchased a parrot cichlid

I purchased a parrot cichlid he is the only fish I have in my 20 gal tank. I purchase this fish because he looked like he needed someone to take care of him. He has nipped fins, something that looks like a white sore on the top of his head, not eating well, seems to swim in circles can anyone give me some advice on how to care for him? I am surprised he has survived this long.


Juvenile Blood parrot losing orange color

I purchased a small blood parrot fish (Toby) about 4 weeks ago. He's in a smaller tank (until I can set up my 40 gal) by himself. he's eating normally (anytime I feed him), and seems healthy, active and curious. My only concern is that his bright orange coloring seems to have been fading a little over the past week or so. I haven't changed anything about his habitat other than to clean and cycle his tank. At first I thought he might not be getting enough sunlight, so I put him closer to the window, but nothing has changed.



My adult parrot has a blocked bowel and and just swims upside down and or stays stationary . I have fforce fed the fish mushed up peas. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


Questions about my fish...

I have rescued a blood parrot,so far she (who we thought was a he until tonight) has fit in to my fish family quite well...2 bala sharks about a foot long each, 1silver tip catfish a foot long, 1 plecostomus a foot long, 1 Pictis catfish about 4 inches 1 feathering catfish about 7 inches , a mistory catfish about 3 inches, and a rescued angelfish about 4 inches tall. My parrot fish-caption hook (who constantly looks for burried treasure and moves rocks all around my tank is about 5 inches ).


Goin camping..

Hey im goin out of town for a few days and was wondering if my Parrot will be ok with the weekend feeder things? i know they are picky eaters and wanna know if anyone knew if that was ok or i need to do something else for him for three days



My BP is sick and I am at my wits end. Please help!

My BP has recently started acting strangHis color is off he is light orange instead of his usual deep orange red. I don't see any signs of ick or fungus. All the other fish in the tank are fine. I have not added any new fish in a lonf while. He is not eating but is still swimming fine and pushing the kissing gourami around as usual.


Is he playing or attacking them

Today I added 2 more blood parrots and my old parrot is following them like tom an jerry ahaha.

A good think what I can see here is that the orange parrot (my old parrot) is not staying under the bridge anymore.

Can someone tell me what he is really doing most of the time he follow them under the tail (near parrot ass).

My aquarium is 50 litters and till 1st of June I will receive a 260 litters.


Parrot Cichlids

I newbie here and also newbie with aquariums

I have an aquarium
Length : 60 cm
Width : 50 cm
Height : 50 cm

This is my 3rd day that I own it.

On that tank I have 8 Parrots all of them are 2 cm to 3 cm (White colors) and one of them 5 cm (orange color)
and also I have two bala sharks ( one 6 cm and one 5 cm), two catfish sharks ( both of them are 4.5 cm).

Im feeding them with lung food.

My temp in my aqua is 27C* and I have turned on the pomp since 3 days.


One of my parrot cichlids have a huge bulge on their left side what could this be??

Hey all

I just wanted to get your input on what a bulge could be on the left side of one of my parrot cichlids, I am not sure if she is pregnant if it is a she or if it is blockage let me know if you can thanks in advance...




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