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Parrots losing color

My parrots lose color, don't eat and just lay on the bottom of the tank for 3-4 days each month it seems like. When I do partial water changes every other week they come right back to life, eat like vaccums, bright orange color and very active. my water parameters are good and i keep regular water change schedule. I have a 55gal tank with 2 parrots, 2 angels, 1 featherfin catfish and 3 small dwarf red guaramies. Is the tank big enough? I feed them sinking cichlid pellets, blood worms, and flake. Any ideas?


Urgent! Please help, parrots might be sick

Hi all, I'll try to keep this brief. I think my little parrots are sick, but I'm having trouble diagnosing them, therefore I'm unsure as to what action to take. :-(

My two smaller parrots have both suddenly developed a angry-looking red streak underneath their top fin... This has happened almost overnight. One of them has had a 'cut' for a couple of days and I thought one of the other fish had perhaps nipped it... (But I found this odd, since the tank is rather placid).


BP health size & diet

Whats up club I'm new here and I have 2 blood parrots in my 30 gallon. I recently had a 10, and this 30 gallon is huge and they love it. They are small, 2 inches so far. I rescued my first one from walmart he was hiding, and he looked good with a smiley face stress spot. I saved him and within a week he will let me feed him by hand and it insists in me touching is as it does come up and kiss my hand/arm. The second one is acting the same as the first did when i first got it. Hiding and not coming out. i have plenty of nice hiding spots.


My parrot is ill. Help pls

Hi. For a few days already, my four year old parrot becomes so pale in the morning and goes to the surface as if it could not breathe. This is the first time it happened for an unknown reason. I have 2 other parrots that are fine and healthy.

I also checked the mouth but I couldn’t see any obstruction. During the afternoon and evening, it retains its red-orange color but becomes pale again early in the morning.

My tank is a 50-gallon, densely planted. I keep the water temperature at 24-26 degrees Celsius. I have a few guppies and shrimps in it.


New to this

I am just setting up a small 22-gallon tank with my goal to buy one really nice Parrot cichlid.  I know this is a small setup but might be moving so want to start here.  I would like advice as to what would be some nice fish to put with him as well as any links to how to make the tank itself attractive.  I know this is basic and I am reading, but I wanted to at least get something started.  Thanks much.


Finally got my Parrots!!! :)

After months of waiting I finally got 2 parrots! I absolutely love them. Sebastian is orange and about 3in long, Mia is bigger and more of a pink color. They are in my 30gal with serpae tetras, 3 glow tetras, 5 yoyo loaches and a bristlenose pleco. 


Got a few question



Hi, I would like to know EVERYTHING about these "chubby" fish. I want these fish but experienced with fish keeping. I currently have a 29 gallon Marineland (is it good?) LED kit. It is cycled and there are tons a couple of rainbow slate, and 2 two pieces of driftwood. The only fish in there is a Brittlenose pleco. 

I will upgrade down the road when they get bigger, Im buying them as babies (gray, tan color)


Is the setup okay?

When i choose the fish, how do I know if they are "real" or dyed?


Older parrot in trouble

I have a pair of 6-year olds that are a "breeding" pair. "Dave", the female, (I didn't know their sex when I names them) hasn't spawned in several months but had been depositing eggs on a regular basis. I chalked it up to age.

Last night the male was bumping her to stay in the pot where she spawns. This morning Dave is hanging near the surface not interested in eating and the male, who has always been much smaller by the way, is continually at her side but bothering her somewhat.


My 2 Blood Red Parrot Cichlid

I currently received a 60 gal tank from a friend of mines. I added the normal gravel and ran the tank for three days before adding fishes to it. I recently purchase these two about give or take 3 weeks ago. Currently besides these two I also have 3 Firemouth, 4 black convicts, 3 JackDempsey, and a pleco.



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