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Got pookie!!

So i fnally got my parrot a few days ago :) ! After problems with starting up my tank, everything is great now! Im ot sure how old pookie is, but i got him at petsmart so im assmng hes not too too old, hes about 4 inches and bright red. The first night i got him he was swmming around the tank and coming p for food. Then for a few days hed hide everytime i walkedin the room. I really wanted to get him a friend but petsmart ( the only store near me with parrots) didnt have any other parrots his size, or that looked as healthy as him.


Hello! My name is Mariana. I am a new person here.
I would like to say  some words about my aquariums. In one of my 2  aquariums lives my Red Parrot Nicko. He lives in the aquarium  from November, 2010.  He is very active, he likes to change place of all plants and ground in aquarium :)
Nicko is very curious, he always looks what i do in the room, when i come back after work.  He looks at me when i read on the sofa near the aquarium, when i make up. And it is perfect! He is always with me:)
I would like to show the photos of Nicko

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Hi! My name is Artes, and I'm a new member to this forum. I thought I would introduce my parrots!

New Owner of One.


My Parrot- Rosie

Rosie is my female Blood Parrot Cichlid.  She's ab out 4-5 inches long. She's a cool fish. Very friendly and peaceful, except when she's guarding her eggs. Here's a video of her doing just that.

unique parrot

2 of my Parrots

Here's 2 of my Parrots and was wandering when they are born are they black in colour?
When I purchased mine there was a lot of smaller parrots in the shop at the time which were more black in colour and mine had a bit of black on them which you can see in my picture but it seems to be getting less black on them within the 2 months I have had them. Will it disappear altogether?

what 2 fish made the bloodparrot

blood parrots


does anyone know which two fishes made the bloodparrot ive read the internet and seen a few different opinions but would like to know if there is a accurate answer

let me know pls cheers


Pic disaster fixed? Creme Pic

If anyone can tell by the look, boy or girl???


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