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Describe your Parrots

Meet Boo!

Hi!  I'm new here.  I've had my blood parrot, Boo, for about a year now.  I got him at PetSmart when he was about an inch long, and now he is four inches long and seems to be still growing!  He lives happily with his friend, Zippy the convict cichlid.  Every time I walk by my tank they both go crazy asking me for food, but if anyone else walks by, they hide in their caves.  Their favorite things to do are move around their caves and plants and make mountains out of their gravel.  It's hilarious to watch!  These fish are my wet puppies and I look forward t

New owner of Parrots

Hi, I am new parrot owner,  I got mine about 3 weeks ago.  They are still very shy.

I feed them flakes, pellets and worms.  But hel do they have an appitite.  I am going to buy some tank mates for them next week.  What is the best fish to put with them?

Thank you Hettie



emergency 911

New Here

Hello everyone! My name is Noelle. I am 27 and currently live in South Carolina. I'm a college student and last week for my spring break, I went to Tennessee to visit my parents. They had some people that were staying with them that moved out of their home in September and left behind a fish tank with 2 parrots in it. One of the parrots passed away right after they left because the filter in the tank quit working and so did the light. The other one survived and from what I've read so far, I'm surprised it has.


I haven't  seen Terry in a couple of days and it looks now like she is developing a Kok on her head its not big but  it is bigger than before. Bur i know she is a female and i thought that only males grow koks so i was wondering if anyone else has a female BP with a kok


i bought these fish just over a week ago and since then have believed they are blood parrots, however still not entirely convinced, i was doing some research this morning and noticed a fair few similarities between my fish and midas cichlids. the previous owner also said she had fry from the pair which also makes me think they arent blood parrots. please help !!!!!!!!!!!

My Parrots

Been awhile since I have posted mine. I have 8 total spread out through 3 tanks (130g, 75g, 55g).

Mr. Bubbles, my first parrot




Conan and the barbarians

Conan's buddy still in hospital. Dude looks a bit lonely sometimes.

Lovely ladies


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