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Describe your Parrots

Is this a parrot fish?

As you can see the pic as my profile, those fish was sold to me as a pair of mating parrot fish. Is it? I was wanting one like what they sell in pet stores that has the bumpy like face. The people told me its just like the ones they sell in the pet store that dyed it jsut these are white but like i said before they are not bumpy. My female has some orange on her. can anyone please give me some infomration on these please? thank you!s they

Steady as she goes..

I got this lil' guy/gal a month ago becuase I wanted to get some experience with cichlids. I've finally gotten him/her to take the hikari pellets from my hand so that I can make sure s/he is getting enough food. I wanted to ask if anyone else has seen these blue spots appear on their BPs' fins . Is this a sign of stress or ( my worse fear) black spot disease?
I'd hate to think that s/he is suffering , andI'm completely unaware.

Other than that this fish has been such a joy so far. I'm looking forward to him/her getting even more comfortable with time. :)

Got My Parrot a new home

I got my parrot Miley a new home and friend. I moved her into the new 55 gallon tank i setup last month and moved her and her new friend Otis the parrot. After almost 2 weeks of hiding we decided to try some dither fish and got pair of Green Barbs whih have yet to be named. and they have been coming out from their rock a little bit more.

My BP's

My Blood Parrots

Hello everyone,

My Parrots.

Here are mp BP's. There is one picture with both Terry and one eyed Pete, but the rest are just Terry.

My Parrot Community

Here is my 125 gallon Parrot community. There is normally 8 in that tank but 2 were in a 55 gallon at the time of the video. For those of you who remember my oscar Marley, he has gotten big.

For some embedding videos doesn't work anymore here.

Parrot Count

How many Blood Parrots do you have?

I have 8 Blood Parrots. 5 males and 3 females.

my new parrot baby!

hi there! I just got a very small parrot fish from the local fish shop, he is a fire parrot cichlid, has anyone heard of them? he is only about 2cm long without tail and 2cm high. he is sort of a grey colour with a black streak down his side. the fish shop have no idea what they are going to look like or anything so I am assuming they are a new breed. anyone who wants to comment I would be keen to know about my new little guy. will upload a photo later.


I got him into a bigger tank finally and bought him a brand new heater AGAIN, which works well this time. The black is almost completely gone, and I'm so excited about it. I recently got him a tank mate, a decent sized Pleco fish that my boyfriend named Spore-gak. ...He's an interesting person. Shilo bullied Spore-gak around a lot at first, but he seems to have adjusted.

I absolutely love both my fish. Shilo is so comical. He gives us looks like we're the biggest idiots in the world and then swims away.


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