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Describe your Parrots

Are they really Blood Parrots?

2 days ago I decided I was finally ready to go purchase the Blood Parrots I'd been waiting for over a year and a half for. When I got to the store I noticed they had 2 tanks containing what were labled as "Large" and "Small" Blood Parrots. The "Large" were typical blood parrots, but The smaller ones were a lot lighter in color and only about 2 inches long, they were also priced a lot cheaper.


In my friend's office he has a huge tank (over 100 gals I am sure) with a 10 inch parrot in it. He says she is 19 years old! My parrot is 3 years old and 4 inches. Will she grow anymore or is it that his is a different variety? Next time I am in his office I will take a picture and post it for you. The fish is an amazing specimen.

Tangie (Tangerine)

I have several posts about Tangie under the Parrot Behavior topic so I thought I would add some photos to go with ....

not sure if mine are parrots!

Hello All! I recently went to PetSmart to purchase 3 parrotfish. The fish were very healthy looking & a nice bright orange/gold/red. The odd thing was that the 3 I chose were not hump-backed with a beak type mouth. They are now in my Severum tank & doing very well. They actually look like a cross between a gold severum & a midas cichlid. I purposely chose them because they were not so deformed looking. I read somewhere (cqannot remember where) that PetSmart was getting in some "KingKong" parrotfish that were actually poor examples of regular parrotfish.

My Special Old Girl

Hello all, I am Michelle and I have owned Rose here for approximately 12 years. When I picked her out it was in a little store in Long Beach, California. The wonderful Asian couple that worked there knew me well, and I used to frequent their store often for the other tanks I owned at the time. (Other cichlids) Anyway, she has survived some major water catastrophes, including almost freezing to death due to bad wiring in a house we moved into. What a wonderful pet she is! She has been the talk of the party since I've had her.

New Red Head Parrots

Hi I'm New here just thought that i would post this, I have Some New parrots Now, I moved about 6 months ago and when i was moving Fish some ended up in Other tanks Tempory bases Well I had a 10" v.synspila Red Head Cichlid Male Well He hooked up with a 2" Blood Parrot well now i have some little Red Head parrots here some pic's

ID needed.

Red DevilHi all,

New to Parrots, got this one about 6 months ago. Can any/someone please tell me what kind of parrot he is?

You will see he doesn't have your typical parrot beak, seen from the side its also different. Any help appreciated;

Added another Parrot

While I was shopping for some fish food I had to walk past the tanks and there was this little parrot that kept following me. He was so small and sweet that I knew I had to have him.

Our new fish who my brother wants to name Kanye...



there both doing real good ( :

first I want to send a thank-you to everyone who tried to help me send pictures ,but I  ashamed to say I just must be computer stupid (is that the best way to say it ) because I just can't get it to work but I did want to let everyone know the 90 gallon is up and running ,I put Mr Magoo in  at the same time I put who I am calling Miss Daisey (will never know if names fit but like the comb.) in and they are doing just great I wish I could of sent pictures but I will keep trying to figure out what I am doing wrong .What a difference from the 30 gallon Mr.

My fish and their new home

Otis, the new head of the fish tank which was a shock.

Otis and Miley leaving Cichlid Rock




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