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Describe your Parrots


Hello, I have just joined. I have two "Jellybean" Parrot Chiclids. One is a bright green and about 2 inches long, and the other is bright pink and about 3 inches long. I got my two parrots about 6 months ago. When I bought them i had no idea how they got to be those insane colors, just that i loved it! (I didn't even know fish could be dyed.) Although I am sad to have found out that my fish were artificially colored, in a not very humane way, I still adore my fish (and so does my family.) They are very pleasant, smart, and calm fish. They are nice to watch, and very peaceful looking.

Sorry I have been gone

Been busy the last year so I haven't had time to post. Forgot about this little community but Im back as I mostly post on Just recently today picked up 5 Kirin Parrots at my local store so I am so excited. If I find a fertile male Kirin I will be so happy.

Currently have:
6 Blood Parrots
9 Kirin Parrots
1 Kamfa Flowerhorn

I still have Mr. Bubbles, Ziggy, and Butters. For those of you who remember my Oscar, Marley, I had to rehome him when I moved for school.

Hello I am new

My name is Robert, I live in Montana. I just purchased my first pair of Blood Red Parrot Cichlids. They had laid eggs in the tank at a local petstore that I sell Jewel Cichlids to. The manager called me knowing I have large cichlid tanks to ask me to take a pair of breeding Parrot Cichlids. I got 2 fish for $10, they normally sell for $25 each. After a little research I find that the eggs would not have developed because the male is Sterile. My wife and I love these fish and I would never have bought them at regular price. I guess fate stepped in.

My Little Child

Hi Everyone!

Question about age

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew how old blood parrots are when they arrive at the pet store? Just trying to get a more accurate idea on the age of mine....I've had them now for 5 months,


Very new to parrot cichlids but me and boyfriend completely changed our community tank to make room for parrot cichlids :) I can't wait to learn about them, and hopefully get a few babies off them which I have heard can be quite difficult. Have came across a few forums that pretend the breed doesn't exist lol which is very unhelpful so glad i found this site. Let me know what other fish you have with your parrots as I need a whole tank filling :)

So Confused

Last summer I had to take a client to physical therapy and my clients therapist had a beautiful tank set up to help her clients to as she said REAL-LAX. I feel in love with the parrot cichlids instantly and decided that day I had to have some of my own. Well I have had mine for almost a month. I don't know to much about them. I'm learning as I go along. I have four parrot cichlids in a 55 gallon tank. Their about 3 inches long. I also have an electric yellow cichlid, an albinoe cichlid, and 2 small hermit crabs. My parrots just hide all the time and they dont eat much.

My Darling Dumpling

I have had my Darling Dumpling for 5 months now. He is a gem. Hasn't always been. took him almost 3.5 months to stop hiding from the world. But... he finally decided he wasn't in danger. Although, I do like to get his attention when coming near his tank so he doesn't get taken by surprise and freak out and bump his head on something swimming away in a frenzy ;) If I let him know I'm coming he just backs away and keeps an eye on me.

my new Cichlids butterfinger and tictac

SO my daughter wanted fish, we went to meijer and saw the most adorable fish!!! We bought one and a mini catfish because the store had them in the same tank so we thought, guess that means they will live well together at home. woke up this morning and the catfish was dead, and the cichlid, butterfinger, was hiding in the corner behind the castle. when taking the catfish back we decided to just go with a second cichlid. After I got home I researched and found out our 10 gallon tank is not big enough... now Im not so sure what to do.


What can i say about Bubbles?! He's awesome! That's what. I went to walmart for a little fish shopping one day. (yeah i know walmart...what are you thinking?!.. Let me explain why real fast lol. I like to browse places that sell fish for unique fish. Fish with flaws or oddities who for the most part if not taken special care of will surely die. A few months back I bought a giant danio with a gimp tail fin. Picture provided.


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