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Describe your Parrots

Proud New Parrot Parent

Hi,I am the proud new owner of a baby bp. Her name is Mandi ( aka Mandarin ) just like the cute little fruit. She was found in a privately owned pet store in a tank with a bunch of other fish and only one more bp . I knew that with my current tank size of 30 gallons that I could only bring her home and that having another bp in that small of a tank would not be wise or give either of them the proper space . However in the next few months , I will be upgrading to a 55 gal and Mandi will be moving and will have another bp to play with and also some dither fish .

parrot death

my parrot winston died for no reason.... a bit unfair really as he just passed the one year mark, all the other parrots and fish are ok i got a new fish, an arowana, had him for about a month and he's about 9 inches got three lovely oscars, two three inches and one about 11 inches! im really sad, winston was my personal favourite, i know you shouldnt favour them but he was the biggest, and he was the only boy that is mature .... really unfair :(

Parrot family

I have 12 blood parrots in a 120 gallon tank. They range in size from small to quite large. I have been keeping parrots for 10 years now. My parrots share the tank with a geo cichlid, 4 large silver dollars, 2 red jewel cichlids, and a few dojo loaches. My older son has 6 jelly bean parrots in a 29 gallon tank. We are working on putting parrots in our 55 gallon tank [gotta talk my wife into it]. Our 55 has 2 marble angle fish and a few australian rainbows. My younger son is just getting started in the fish hobby. He has a 2 gallon beta tank. Well as you can tell we love our parrot fish.


I've 2 bp 2 dempsey 2 red devils 1 rainbow cichlid and 1 firemouth and they all get along with each other. I had most of them went they was small.

Parrot Cichlid Fish Forever

Hey! I just wanted to post as a tribute to my 3 cute fat jellybean parrots before I have to give them away! They are my first experience with fish because I work at a fish store now, and I've spoiled them rotton. I've had them for about a month and they're starting to get more social and hide less - but they love their rocks and plants!! These funny, cute, deformed fish have the most personality that I've ever seen!!


Hey all!

Just for fun - My parrots perform for you on camera

I just got a great new camera, so I 'll be putting up a lot of parrot cichlid movies on YouTube soon. Here 's one to start with. You 'll see Micro and Twinkie first, then the rest of them come on set. --ParrotCichlidGirl

Winston's houses

Winston and Gazoo

Our two oldest Parrot Cichlids were purchased about 2-1/2 years ago. Winston is now about 10" tall from the bottom of his stomach to the top of his dorsal fin. Gazoo is about 2/3 of Winston's size.

Winston is actually female, but we didn't know that when we named her after Winston Churchill.

Winston is definitely the dominant fish in the tank, and Gazoo is "second fish." Winston tries to head-butt everyone in the tank when needed just to keep them in line. Gazoo almost never does.


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