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5 Year Old, 2 Year Old & Tank For Sale (Tulsa, OK Area)

I have the two Parrots, quit a bit of furniture, heater, etc.  Everything you need for a nice aqarium and stand.  The tank is 55 gallon acryllic.  The larger parrot is about 10" the smaller about 5".  

Also have a the hose attachment tool you use on your sink to clean the tank with about 25-30 feet of hose you can have.  

I have some other picures here if you would like to see them

Three year old for sale, Arizona

I am going to be selling my tank and fish. I have a three year old parrot cichlid, plecostomus and various tropicals. I can sell them invididually, as a group or as a  group with the tank.

I am asking $30 for the blood red and $200 for the fish and tank, or best offer. I am in Phoenix, Arizona

Email if interested,


buying some new fish

hi i mowed house and lost my 2 parrots and would like to purchase 4 new blood parrots, could anyone point me in the direction of some new ones for sale i am in toowoomba so the closer the better. thanks

Free to good home

I have 2 BPs and I want to get rid of them. I have been trying to sell them, but no luck. So, now I'm giving them away. I live in San Antonio, TX.

Be Careful What Pet Store You Go To For Info!!!

Over the weekend I was at a local pet store. This isnt the one I go to for my fish stuff. I was there to buy hamster supplies. Anyway there was a lady and her daughter looking at a 36gal fish tank. So I hear her saying she wanted to purchase Oscars for this tank. She asked the lady do Oscars get big, and is 36gal enough for 2 Oscars. The lady said no Oscars dont grow to big. WTF!!! Are u kidding me lady. And yes 36gal is fine. I was soo angry. She also said the filter it came with was fine. The filter was fine for normal fish but not Oscars.

gravel for sale

I have a few extra 25 pound bags of new gravel that i ended up not using. I would like to try and sell it if any one is interested. I gave green and blue bags. I can ship in flat rate boxes. One bag (opened) fits in a medium flat rate and 2 bags (opened) fit in a large flat rate. It is Estes' SpectraStone Lake green and blue jean gravel. I am hoping to get at least $13-$14 per bag, but please make offer if interested. I will ship with in the US only.

Parrots for free to loving home

I have 4 large, vigorous, healthy parrots in my 130 gallon aquarium.  They are slowly munching on their tankmates. Much as I love their antics (I pet them every morning when I feed them) I've had enough and I've decided to offer them for adoption to a loving home.  They're friends, so they should stay together.  A large, well planted tank is best.  I don't want to subject them to the risks and stress of shipping, so their new home should be within a 100 mile radius of central Vermont.

2 pb for sale $20 FOR BOTH!!!

I live in San Antonio, TX. I've had them for about a year now. All they do is hide and when they do come into view they eat and terrorize the other fish then swim back in the volcano. That's they only reason I am selling them they are bright colored and I really like them, but there's no point in having pretty fish if they are going to hide. I don't know how old they are, I bought them from Petco or something about a year ago. i will send you pics if you want. I want $20 for both or best offer...

Two large parrot fish need a good home

I have a mated pair of very large parrot fish, 10" or so. I have them in a 125 gallon tank, and they need a good home. I live in Minnesota and my local pet store has offered to help me ship them, if anyone is interested.

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