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Describe your Parrots

Where to Find Colorful Hybrid Cichlids

Saw them on internet. Any Kali's know where to view or appreciate these Colorful Hybrid Cichlids in local fish aquarium shop?


My BP is a whitish color and Im not sure why. The water is fine as far as the quality. I had it tested this past week.

ANy suggestions as to why he's like this???


I recently got King Kong Parrot fish and now one of them has some black stuff above his head. Ever since I got them, I changed the water once and I feed them regularly. Is it a sickness or is it stress. PLEASE HELP

is this normal?

I have noticed my blood parrots above their noses and between their eyes seemed to be missing some skin and exposing their flesh. They both seem fine. I dont recall seeing other blood parrots have this. Is this normal? Its beginnging to worry me. Attached are pics one of them.

Parrot Color?

Hi! Got a question about my parrot's color. Sometimes, she's bright bright tangerine orange....but most of the time, she's very washed out and pale. Is there anything I can do to get that healthy orange glow to stick around? My smaller parrot is bright all the time, just a gorgeous dark the larger one sick?


Hello from MA

Hi, I've been reading here a while, just decided to join today. I wish it was a bit more active, but a lot of good info here. Someday I will figure out how to post a pic of my 3 parrots.......frown

P.S. Looks like I found it below! LOLOL

My BP Pair

Hope I did this right. Cory is broadside and Dory is behind looking toward the camera, in the first photo. As you can see Cory is much paler and doesn't have the radical BP face. Dory is very BP looking and much darker. You can see her a little better in the second photo. This is when they first started digging holes. They have since spawned but I don't think the eggs are any good. Just as an FYI: I've noticed many posts about how shy the BP's are . . . mine are not shy at all. That's a big reason I got them. At the store the clerk pointed out what a personality they have and that his would eat right out of his fingers. When I brought them home, even while they were stilling floating in the bags they were all curious. Cory, the male, always comes to wherever I am around the tank, up to the surface when I open the lid and stays there while I talk to him. Dory was starting to do the same but now has eggs to watch, so I'm not very important. The tank sits on a low counter between the kitchen and living room so they are 'exposed' on all sides. Doesn't bother them at all.

Say hello to my little friend(s) ;)

Meet Cheddar (big) and Pylon (little)!  Plus Spike, the photobombing pleco. 

files/Cheddar and Pylon.jpg

Hoping to add a new baby Parrot tomorrow, pending the powers that be - and the warehouses in Singapore - come through for me.


I got myfirst BP a 2 months ago, bruno. He is in a 20 gallontan by himselfbut ifelt like he was lonley. So i deicded to start researching tank mates. I eventually decided on another BPwent topetsmart, asked if i needed  bigger tank, they said eventuallybut not now. Got my new fish, named him gimli. Like 2 days after i put gimli inthe tank, Bruno lays eggs!!! oh and about 12hrs after beingin the tank Gimli starts developing black spots, like a lot of them, morethan bruno ever did i got worried so i started doing a LOT of research. but i just wanted your opinons about everything.

parrott fish

Hi my name is carlo, my parrott fish is a monster, everything I put into my tank he eat, now the only fish in the tank with him is a pleco he had a mate , but died because of a power failure, then I had a silver dollar in the tank.


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