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Parrot Behavior

Parrot Fish Survive Aquarium Novice

I have a very good friend who wanted a aquarium for her 6 year old son.  She begain with a 15 gal tank  ~ guppies, neons, a catfish, plexy & others.  They died one by one, too much food.
Next batch consisted of angel fish, black mollies and sword fish.   Again they waxed and wained until only the plexy survived.  Next came clown loaches & more sword fish.  But this time toxic gases got em because she didn't realize the importance of vacuming underneath the gravel.... So she cleaned the tank from stem to stern and bought Parrot Fish. 

Life Span

Hello friends,
i have set a new aquarium with 35 gallon water.
and i have put a pair of yellow paroot fish and two pair of tiger oscar.
actually i want to know what is the life span of parrot fish?
and with my aquarim condition how much time they will take to full grown?
please also provide me if their is some extra usefull information regarding parrot fish.
thanking you all in advance

Breeding Or Bullying?

Im having a hard time understanding the behavior between my blood parrots. Im not sure how to ask my question so I'll discribe the situation as best as I can.

Feed me dance

Do your parrots do a dance at the front of the tank when it's feeding time?

Nasty !!!

When I put my hand in the tank to tidy up things, they come rushing from behind the palm tree and rush at my fingers - comes quite keen too - little beggers !!!



Ustabe update!!!!

Back in september/ october of 2010 i was freaking out about my blood parrot, Ustabe, she was bloated and floating to the top and acting like she was going to lay eggs but never did... well she is totally fine and back to normal. we honestly just let her wait it out and hoped for the best, thought that any medications or quarentine would be more stressful, and just leaving her alone worked fine. She just gradually began to move more and swim to the bottom and started eating again regularly. Back to normal!


I have 3 BP in a 55.  The last couple of days I noticed my largest one just laying around the bottom.  One of the Mollies I have in the tank is nibbling on the sides of the BP not on the gills..  It swimms OK but not as much as before.  I think it is a female that has just laid eggs in a cave.  The male has taken over the cave and will not let her in until nighttime.  She hangs around the cave all day trying to enter. any ideas?

UnKnown Activity

Hi Everyone,

We have two Parrot fish (Cannon and Ball),

Over the last 24 hours they have moved all the plants to one side of te tank and dug a trench on the other half.

They both are spending a lot of time in that area laying down on their sides as they go through, not wanting to sound daft, but is this what we think it is and if so, has anyone got any advise, as we are new to this totally?

Many Thanks Joanne and Jason

What are my parrots doing?

Hi everyone. I'm new to the site as a member, but I have been reading all comments and advice given by all of you to other parrot fish owners. Thanks for to all for helping me as a first time parrot owner. I have three parrot fish. Don't know the sexes yet, but i have a spawning pair which lay eggs every 3-4 weeks. Just today, I noticed the parrots going around in each in circles. If someone can tell me what is happening. Is one parrot trying to take a mate away from the other? Are they just fighting for dominance? Idk. Here is a link to a video of their behavior today.


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