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Parrot Behavior

Is my parrot fish exhibiting a phantom pregnancy?

I changed our parrot fish's tank to one with gravel and sea shells so he could dig.

Fighting or mating

Hello everybody! Today my bp's are going crazy, the bully of the tank is dancing and kissing my other bp my bully bp looks like something white is haging under his belly, may be that they mating both bp's are acting territorial, what can i do? I will apreaciate any advice, thanks!

Fron pale orange to dark orange color

Hi! Im everybody im new to this site and i been reading all your comment and is very helpful, so i need some opinions on what is going on with my tank, my tank is 185 gallons, have 3 blood parrots, 3 jack dempseys, one pleco,rainbow trout, blood parrots just recently added about 2 weeks ago, im concern with one of the blood parrots because change color from pale almost white orange to dark orange can that be normal? we did a water change 30%last week, new filters, add water conditioner, ph is 7.5

very much concerned

Hello everyone,

   I have a major concern about my parrot cichilds they are blood parrots

 they are usually out very often wanting to eat ,seems as though they never get enough

however for about four days now they have not come out  last night tiger came out ate all the food and stayed out for a good 10 mins he went over in BB's tree stump but BB never came out please help these are my babies what is the problem

My blood parrot Vinny keeps circling my silver dollar Lucky.

like the title says. he is just circling it. doesnt really seem to be being aggressive. he is only 2 and a half inches maybe less. A very sweet fish dosent bother anyone and the tank. i just thought it was weird. he isnt doing it constantly but he does it sometimes and it struck me as odd. its awfully cute the way he swims around the silver dollar tho.

new to parrot fish

I am new to fishkeeping and seem to have a problem and need help I have 5 blood parrot fish and they have been fine up till today when I noticed that they keep going on their side at bottom of tank as if they are ill when I go near tank they do swim to the top  they are all eating fine is this normal hope someone can help me with the answer thanks water has been tested and it is fine and 25% water done Help

Strange Behavior

My parrot fish and my gold gourami are showing weird behavior towards each other.  They are swimming beside each other and they rub against each other.  At times they both touch mouths like they are kissing.  Is this a dominance thing?

Mary is doing odd she sick

Hello!!! Mary (hence the Title and Username) is acting odd. She (if she is a she) resides in a 130l tank with a plec and 2 betta pi. She usually is very friendly and stares at me...quite spookily. However, in the last couple of weeks she has been acting odd. She has started to shake her head rapidly for a few seconds then stop. This started 2 weeks ago. Now along with this she is making a strange grinding noise and hiding in the plants. She looks ok physically (no skin lesions/gill problems etc). Is there something I'm missing? Help!

one parrot keeps nudging another

I have 4 parrots.  One big old guy JoJo (8") two small babies (3") and one adolescent (5") plus a few other assorted fish.  The only fish in the tank that JoJo bothers is the 5" parrot.  He keeps nudging him.  He has no problems with the other two parrots or any of the other fish.  I took the 5" guy (who we call sissypants) out of the tank for a few months but when I put him back in I get the same behavior.  I'm seriously thinking of rehoming sissypants.  Any ideas?  Why the nudging?  Is it a little love dance?  or maybe they are both males?  Thanks.  Looking forward to your comments.

Killer Parrot

I have a Blood Parrot about 4 in in a 50 Gal corner tank.  Had a 6 in Pleco.  I left them for a week with feeders.  Got home today and the Blood Parrot ate 90% of the Pleco.  Is this normal?


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