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Parrot Behavior

One trapping other in the cave..

My smaller Parrot is trapping my slightly bigger parrot in the cave.. It moved gravel on one side so it wont leave and it is watching the other side like a watch dog.. Every time it peeks out, it nudges it back in.. I have to distract it so I can feed them both.
Been going on for a few days now. They are about 5 months old and have been together since I got them 2 months ago.(same tank at Petsmart).. So they know each other..

Proud new owner of 2 parrot cichlids

I brought home two beautiful parrot cichlids a few days ago...took them about 24 - 48 hours to come out of hiding...but now they stay out all the time and even come to us at the front of the concern is one is a tad bit bigger that the other and the bigger one somewhat bullies the smaller one...should I add a third one???I have read this is just normal behavior for this kind of fish...I do have to say I love them...they are the most unique fish I have owned yet...they really have their own personality!


I jut got two blood parrots and i have noticed that the slightly bigger one has been give the slightly smaller one little nudges as if to tell it where to go. I was just wondering if I should be worried about this behavior. The bigger one is a more grayish brown while the other has more orange, if that even has anything to do with this...

Happy Parrot Home

I have a 37 gal tank.  I have 3 parrot and 2 white? parrot, plus 3 other misc ciclids.  I would like to add a scavanger fish but do not know what to purchase.  I have added various cats, etc., but they all end up dead within a week.  Is this not possible with parrots?  I have an underground filter, an outside filter, and have air going both into into a sunken ship and an air stone type of decoration. 

My all new red parrot cichlid

Hii friends,
I have just bought a pair of red parrots  week before. They stay at one place. Don,t move or come up for eating food. I am bit concerned about them.
Whether is it natural as they are new or are they have some disease. Please guide me.

Strange behavior

I woke up this morning and noticed my little guy Shark, and my little gal Bait , were spending a considerable amount of time skimming the top of the fish tank. Does anyone know why? I've never seen it with any other fish before! I know Parrots are different but this is just strange. Do help a fellow Parrot mama!

Older Parrot in Trouble

I belonged to this forum before, but can't locate my username, so signed up again. Anyway, my big female Parrot, "Dave" is hanging in the corner of her tank. I have two, Dave and Winston, who are at least six years old. They are in a 55 gallon. Everything is the same as always except three things:

Nesting Cichlid

I have two Cichlids--one much larger than the other. They have been tankmates for about three years.  The smaller one has staked out a part of the tank, on the gravel where he/she has moved the gravel to form what looks like a nest. He/she seems to stay there most of the time.  I have not noticed any changes in appearance or feeding just that he/she spends considerable time in this nest.  This started when I moved them into a larger (50 gallon) tank.

Introducing others to an established pair

I have a male (6") and female (4") BP that I've had for 2 1/2 years (were small when I purchased them).  They are in a 50 gallon tank with 5 tiger barbs, half a dozen cories, and a decent sized siamese algae eater.

I recently purchased a 70 gallon tank (not set up yet) and would like to get a couple more BP's.  Can anybody share their experience with adding new BP's to an established pair?  Should I get females?  How much would it matter if I ended up with another male?  Does size/age of the new ones matter?

Cichlid swims upside down and doesn't eat

My Parrot Cichlid has been swimming upside down for months now.
I have tried the frozen thawed peas, sinking tablets, fasting and flakes.
He is still upside down and now he will not eat at all and the other
Parrot Cichlid in my tank will not leave his side.
What can I do???
Is he suffering?
I noticed he is breathing a lot faster now as well.

Please Please Help.
I can stand seeing him like this and feeling that he is suffering.

Thank you for all your help.


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