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Parrot Behavior

Will they kill each other?????

I got two parrots and they have lived quite happily for some time but today they have started circleing each other like a dance then grabbing each other by the mouth like they kissing PLEASE can anyone tell me what they doing as im worried they may kill each other if they fighting

Stressed parrot

Stressed Parrot! I have two parrots who are normally very healthy and happy. Over the weekend one of my parrots got stuck under the bridge and got very stressed.

Crazy fish

Well it seems that my fish is upset at the filter and heater I gave in the tank . For a day and a half she has been swimming up to them and hitting them with her tail. I can't find any info if this is normal . Anybody have any ideas?

Parrot acting weird, shaking.

I have a Parrot Cichlid I have had for over a year, maybe two now. He started out little and is now about 8" long and 5" tall. He's a big boy. He was in a 20 gallon tank with two tiger barbs (that's all that didn't die from the crummy fish store ich a year ago). He was obviously cramped.
Last week I moved him to a 55 gallon tank. He was going nuts moving all the rocks and piling them in the corner, frantic. Building a wall. Ok maybe I should do a back story:

Blood Parrot Cichlid Acting Strange

Hi, i have a blood parrot cichlid in a 50 gallon aquarium. Ever since I've had him he's been a good fish but nosy in the other fishes business but most of the time he would stay behind a rock and move rocks around, But last night I was moving a pregnant swordtail into a breeder, and he got real mad at me! But today he is acting weird. He's hiding in the corner and seldom comes out, and his fins are moving real fast (faster than normal). And he's not eating much. He used to go crazy for shrimp pellets but now he just watches the sink, not going at all after them.

Parrots colouring is Back

Im still learning quite a bit from my 4 Blood Parrots , I have now had them about 6 months and have now figured out that for sure 3 out of 4 are female, I know this because over since I put two LG clay pots in the tank they started laying eggs.

Is this Normal??

Is it normal for Bp's too loose a lot of colour before the are about to lay eggs??
Im finding that mine are going very white ..their body anyways...their fins and tails and top of their
nose stay orange/yellow...just wondering if this was normal...
maybe its my lighting....Ive heard that the traditional tube lighting is very harsh....

change in behavior

hi..i have 3 parrots..since i got them ,they were very friendly and always came up to greet me n beg for food when i came close...ever since i got them,they were never shy..but since the past few days..they have been darting to the back and hiding as soon as i come close..what could be the reason for this change in behavior?

New parrot cichlid owner, wondering about behavior

I just got a parrot cichlid on Saturday.  I went to the pet store intending on getting another betta and ended up coming home with a different fish.  He was in a tank by himself because he's alittle on the aggressive side.  He is quite big so I can see why.  Right now he is in a 2.5 gallon tank that I had set up for a new betta.  I already know that he needs a bigger tank and I'm actually getting one today and will start cycling.  The small tank is just a temporary place for him.  Like I said, I didn't intend on getting him, but he was just too beautiful to pass up.  He hid behind plants fo

BP laying agains AGAIN

So this is the 2nd time my largest bp has laid eggs in two often is she going to lay eggs???
Now what I find so odd is that as soon as she has laid the eggs in her pot ,another bp ( that I think is also female) comes
in and eats all the eggs..they go back and forth doing this for lays them ..the other one eats them!!
How do would they ever fertilize the eggs ??? the males never get a chance to get near them!!!( I know most males are sterile )


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