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Parrot Behavior

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Ok so I just wrote a looong post but I accidentally deleted it like a doof! 

Polly wont leave the heater?

So I am new to the Parrot Cichlid world and my heater wasnt working I got a new one and ever since I have put it in my the tank my BP has been wanting to stay right next to the heater. I am not sure why, it is plenty warm thru out the tank! I have only had her for a few days and Im not sure why she would stay right there, I have been trying to make sure she eats but food will not even get her away from the heater... What should I do??? Should I be concerned?? Please let me know...

My parrots have suddenly got shy

Ive had my 6 parrots (4 red & 2 younger tan coloured) for just under 2 weeks now up until 2 days ago they would swim excitedly to the top and front of the tank whenever I walked past or up to the tank, now they all hide even when I feed them. As soon as im gone they come out and eat is this just a delayed reaction to the new surroundings or could I have a problem?

Why is My Parrot fish afraid?

I have had My Parrot Fish "Raja" for 2 months. He/She is afraid of the light.
Absolutely hates it being on, it will hide in the rock cave (where its dug a big hole),
As soon as you switch it on. Raja still hasn't warmed up to me.
If he/she sees someone coming near the tank, poof hidden.
It wont even swim to the top to get its food. It waits at its cave opening,
waiting for the food to come to it.. what's wrong? PH is perfect temp is good, between,
80-84. Whats the problem?

blood parrot unusual behavior

Sorry if this is kind of long but I have a 7 inch blood parrot fish in a 40 gallon tank. Recently his behavior has changed a little. About half of the time I stick my hand in the water or even walk up to the tank to feed him pellets he will get scared and suddenly splash water and swim the other way very fast. I am pretty sure I know the reason for this, a couple of days ago my sister and mom did something very bad and changed about 70% of the fish tank water because the water was getting dirty.

Parrot Kissing or Fighting with Each Other

Seen a very unusual behavior of my parrot fishes today, for the first time in 10 months i saw them very aggressively kissing or fighting cant say, please help if it is a normal behavior or some action required.


  My red Parrots  like to  move gravel and make caves  under a rock or pot 
the larger one seem to   manover   the smaller  into  space .

Red parrot Cichilds

Hi   I have two red parrot fish  for last few years,  i bought from friend who  moved  . I really like them i find them to be very peaceful   they do dig up my plants from time to time and make caves but other than that  they are great.
I have two Rainbow fish  a blue gourami  three  pettycoat tetra and a  jewel cichlid   in same   55 gal  tank
 I ether have two females or two males  .


Hi! I am very new in this parrot world, as well in general fish acuarium, but I have a tank for a year now and is a 30 gallons one, I have in there 5 tigers barb and a couple of tetras, yesterday I was buying food for the guys and I saw again these lovely fish, and the girl that works there told me it was possible to have a parrot in my tank, so I brought him or her (not sure yet) home, my tank has many places to hide... so since yesterday "lorito" has been hidden and I haven't seen him out, just a glance of him inside his "cave".

Strange Behavior, PLEASE HELP

I have had my parrot for about 2 months now. It is only about 2 inches long right now and in a 5gal tank. I am currently purchasing a 38gal this weekend for he/she. I do water changes every week and feed it once a day. About 5 days ago it started to develop black blotches on his/her body and now is turning a little pale. Also today i noticed it was not swimming properly. It looks to be as if it can not swim off the bottom or it is having difficulty. Im not really sure what is going on with the little guy. I really need some guidance on this. PLEASE HELP


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