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Parrot Behavior

Parrot digging

My parrot fish keeps digging? Dose this mean anything?

Parrots Still hiding

Hey guys! I know I havent been on in a while I have been really busy with school and sports. But I have had my parrot fish for about 4 months now and they still will not come out of hiding I even re-did the tank layout to give them less spots to hide in and left the tank bare for a couple of days so that they would get used to me and they tricked me! I would go near the tank and they wouldnt hide when the tank was bare they just swam normally but as soon as I redecorated it they hid! Is there anything I can do to get them to come out?

Really Still Blood Parrot no movement

I brought my fish home 3 weeks ago and so far he just hides in a plant pot he is really still I've not seen him move at all or eat anything, the water and temp is fine he is just not active at all I really need some Advice I am new to this so be gentle Thank you

An unlikely pairing

Hi, I recently took on a tank of freshwater fish (50 gallon) and I'm rather perplexed to find a Kissing Gourami and a parrot that appear to be besotted with each other. They swim together, sleep next to each other and when I've taken the parrot out of the tank and put him in a 'fish hospital' (inflamed gills when the tank was established) the gourami looked visibly distressed and 'searched' for the parrot. I have seen the gourami 'kiss' the parrot a couple of times, but after a 5 minute tussle (no nipping or damage done) they're back to being pals.

I want a buddy for my parrot fish

Should i buy a buddy for my parrot fish? i really think that it would be beneficital for my current parrot? What do u guys think? 

Maybe getting a buddy

Im wondering if i get my current parrot fish a buddy will he come out of hiding faster? the pet store that i got my parrot from hade yellow ones too. is that a different kind and will it get along with the red parrot? my current tank is a 55 gallon tank with 1 celeblese rainbow 3 tiger barbs 7 serapae tetras and a pictus catfish. 

What will my parrot be like

I'm just wondering what my parrot will be like when he grows up and gets bigger? Right now he is starting to come out of hiding but i want to know what eventually he might be like? can you guys comment what your parrots are like. 

Just for fun

I've had my parrot for a few weeks now. It's in a 78 gallon tank with some tetra and killi fish neighbors. At times, I've seen what I think is play. I 've seen it swimming on the surface against the waterflow like a salmon shimmying upstream and going in and out the bubble stream from a wand bubbler. It repeats this for a while then goes off to something else more interesting like being on patrol around its' hideout. I've never had a fish that seems to be entertaining itself. Very interesting. Such a personality.

My Parrot Fish I s Moving Her Stones!

Hello,My Parrot fish Sammi (She is a girl,I think....)

Well the problem is when i cleaned her out (water change,chemicles,clean,scrubed the plants) she keeps on moving her stones. I dont know what is wrong with her :( Please Help xxx


p.s I have had her since last xmas 25.12.11

Breathing hard after eating?

Hello All. Brand new to this site,but not new to parrot cichlids.  Ive had my current Parrot cichlid for going on 6 years and shes a big porker! It seems whenever i feed her krill, her breathing gets faster?  Ive noticed its only with the krill..I dont feed too much...and i also break it up for her to swallow.  She is currently in a 55 gallon aquarium with a blue diamond discus & a pleco algae eater.


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