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Parrot Behavior

Help Please! My BP is terrified of movement and has seizures!

I am moving away for school next semester in a week and I was planning to take my parrot fish, Bella, with me. We have two other parrots that live in a another tank, but since I was going to clean out hers, I temporarily put Bella in the larger tank with them. She acted normal, but the other two parrots picked on her horribly, so I decided to wait to clean it and put her back in her old one again. At the same time, I bought a new baby parrot fish (that hasn't even changed colors yet) and put it in with Bella in her old tank.

My parrot fish is acting weird

I just got two parrot fish about two weeks ago the little one is a blood red and the big one is the heart one. The little one has been acting strange, after he tries begging for food and doesn't get it he starts to swim real fast and then he turns on his side real quick as he is still swimming and then goes back to normal swimming. I've never had these fish before so I went to the place where i got them they tested the water and said everything is fine they don't know what's wrong.

Something wrong?

I have had 2 new BP's in my tank for almost a week now. They had been in there, fine, really friendly, coming up to the glass whenever someone enters the room, then following them as they walk past the tank etc. Up until last night, now they seem to just be hiding behind a rock all the time, only eating when food floats by, and fighting with one another. They share the tank with 1 pleco, who seems to be doing just fine. Can anybody shed some light on what could have happened? Are my BPs ok?


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