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Parrot Behavior


Hi I have 2 blood parrots and they seem to be really shy and they lay at the bottom of the tank sometimes they swim and eat fine they also seem to be breathing heavy please help 

tank is 250 liter with fluval 305 filter I have done a water check and everything is fine they are housed with 2 dwarf gouramis 4 columbian tetra red spotted plec youl loach and ruby shark 


Again one of my Parrot fish is going through what I know to be the egg laying process. She is paired up with what I thought to be another female but he or she is acting like a male. They are both together in the cave, or they were they are now swimming about. Without going into this long story I would like to know if it is possible my fish are eating the eggs soon after laying them? Or, is my female unable to produce eggs? Her white tube is long and extended where it is usually barely seen.

Follow up on a story from a little while back

A while back I wrote a story about returning one male Parrot to the fish store after having him for over a year. Well I have been checking up on the guy and it seems that he did the same thing in the pet stores 200 gl. tank as he was in mine. After adapting to his new home he took up with another female, they paired off picked a corner of the tank and commenced to building a nest. I asked the pet store owner how much he would charge me if I took my fish back. I was suprised when he said 20 dollars but thats neither here nor there.

Does parrot dance ? My pinky does....

Hello Friends.. My eyes were widely opened when I saw my Pinky (Orange but now Pink Parrot) was dancing... She/He was turning head left and rigt and tail in head's opposite direction...What a beautiful movement it was...moreover, She/he is throwing stones by his/her mouth at sucker mouth fish....I am really happy to see that but not sure about his/her body moment, was she/he dancing..????

Yellow parrot

Hi I have a pair of yellow parrot. its been 2 months i have bought them and have kept them in a 45 gal tank.


I have three parrots, used to have 4. I took 1 back to the pet shop because he was overly aggressive. During this period of time where he and 1 of my females were trying to make a family, he became overly aggressive towards all the fish in my tank this behavior didnt stop for two weeks and in that time the female went through the ritual of egg laying. I could be wrong because no eggs were produced. On the underside of the fish a white tube was extended she was being guarded by the male while she was swimming upside down in the cave.

My big Parrot Chichlid keeps attacking my little Parrot Chichlid

I rescued a pair of parrots about a year ago.  They were in a 25gal tank. I put them in a larger tank (55 gal) there are no other fish but them. Hal (the bigger one - 9") is very larger, and Cupcake is only a third of his size. They've got along very well. But, over the past 3 months I've noticed he is more aggressive. I have put extra hiding places in for 'her', but no matter she always swims back to him.  Over and over. I have seperated them and put her in a tank next to him, and oddly they both stayed in a corner looking at eath other and they looked soo sad, I put them back together.

Follow up on Wheres the eggs?

After 4 days of non stop chasing all the other fish in my tank and no sign of eggs I had no choice but to take my male parrot back to the pet store. I really felt that not only were all my other fish being abused but the parrot himself just couldnt be happy. For a good five days he relentlessly chased all my other fish trying to protect a nest that had no eggs and was abandonded by the female. He lookes so stressed out and I just couldnt watch anymore so I returned him to the pet store. He is now in a 200 gl.

Wheres the eggs?

I have four parrots for well over a year now and finally I know that I have at least one male and one female! They have coupled off built a nest and are doing everything that a couple thats trying to have babies together would do. The female has this long white egg laying tube coming out from right behind her anus. She is swimming upside down in "their" cave and it looks like shes sticking the eggs to the roof of the cave, then the male follows her swimming upside down and it appears that he is trying to fertilize the eggs.

Parrot doing headstands!???

My 15 y/o parrot (Leo) is doing headstands.  Will swim horizontal, but doing ALOT of vertical swimming.  Eating fine, but this is new and odd behavior for him.  Maybe he's got buried treasure?

A few years ago had problems with floating sideways and upside down and was sure I was losing him.  Read numerous posts and then took a chance since he looked like his days were numbered and treated him and the tank for fungal infection with PIMAFIX.  Worked like magic, so I started the 7 day tx again.  Also changed 30% of the water tonight............Temp about 80. 


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