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Water Parameters

Need HELP with Water Parameters

First of all let me explain as clearly as possible so that I can get help...I'm new and unexperienced and need your help getting established....So I'm counting on you guys!

I had a 37 gallon tank that has had 6 African cichlids in it for nearly 6 months - now re-homed . Did a 50% water change after getting rid of fish but didn't change the filters, just cleaned them in tank water.

On the same day of trade I got a 2 1/2" BP and 4 small serpea tetra and put them in the 37g.

Heartbroken - Part 2; The Heart (and fish) are doing much better :)

I posted a topic 2 weeks ago, titled "Heartbroken". I had an unexplained Nitrite spike in my established tank (running for 4-5 years) and lost my biggest BP Cichlid. I thought my filter had died.... I found out a week later that it probably was not the filter after all..........


I have been coming here for help and advise for years.... I finally decided to create an account a few days ago but didn't get a chance to post, as things have gone from bad to worse. I think my filter failed.... I'm not 100% sure. HELP!
My tank has been set up for about 3 years, so it's fully established. It's a 55 gal "long" and houses the following:

3 BP Cichlids (until this morning - now I have 2) :(
5 tiger barbs (the smaller one's - not giants)
3 corry cats
1 bristlenose pleco
3 zeebra danio

Ammonia in Tap Water

I noticed ammonia in my aquarium water several weeks ago for the first time. I did several water changes but nothing seemed to happen. Then I decided to check the tap water. It has between .50 and 1.0ppm ammonia present. During this time, the fish did not seem stressed or unhealthy but the numbers still concerned me. So, I switched out ten percent of the water twice during the week with distilled water because the pH was the most similar. Now I've been reading online that this is not recommended.

Critical tank

First I want to start by saying I feel like a complete idiot for not studying up before beginning my tank. I'm at the 6 week mark and clearly haven't surpassed the new tank syndrome. This post will include several questions. I apologize because it will seem juevinile to many who are experienced. I'm at a loss as I am struggling by extremely high ammonia levels and am performing water changes approximately every other day using Prime. I have a 75 gal tank 5 baby bps and 4 small tetras. As far as filtration I'm using the emperor 400, aqueon quiet whisper 55, and sponge IV.

Ammonia problems...

This weekend made the move from a 55 gal tank to a 75 gal tank. I used about 50% of the original tank water to transfer over to the new tank. Side note, I did not allow my original tank cycle for 6 weeks before adding the BPs originally due to lack of education but this is week 5.. I am still having unbelievably high ammonia levels. In the new tank I am using the emperor 400, Aqueon filter for 55-75 gal, and a sponge filter and still tonight when testing the ammonia level the water color shows between a 2.0 and 4.0 on the API ammonia color card..

how often do you clean your tank

how often do you clean your tank, i am planning to buy a 100g tank and its not a easy job for me to clean them often as i need good lot of water which is not contaminated r chlorinated so i got to be careful in filling and im planning for small stone gravel for the tank....
is it necessary to completely recycle the tank a 25% water change on a regular basics may be once in 3 weeks r so, will this be sufficient and may be a complete recycle once in a year ll this help??

New BP owner

Hi All, my wife has fallen in love with a 5 year old BP in our local pet store which I have now bought for her. The tank that he (Jackson) is currently in looks far too small for him so I have bought a 260l (68 gallon) tank. My problem is I have been given so many stories on how to prep the tank for his arrival. 1) Fill the tank and leave it running for week before I introduce Jackson. 2) Fill the tank, add additives and introduce Jackson after 3 days. What do I do? If jackson does not make the move I need to find a new home :-0

water softners


Recently my landlord put a water softner in our home. We previously had well water, which was hard and contained iron. My fish have been striving in this well water for months and seem quite happy. We now have a water softner. I am unsure at the moment if it contains salt or potassim. I read that neither of those are technically great for fish, but they do better with the potassium. I will be finding out soon exactly what type it is and I will post it.

Activated Carbon

Need some info about activated carbon.

I washed it everyday for abt a week and have added it to my tank today.

Should it be used in aquariums??
Are there any side effects??
Any precautions???


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