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Home Made Filter! Simple But effective...

Hello All, I prepared a home made filter and it's running fine now.. I guess, someone might have tried here. I used a air pump, water bottle, a sponge! Anyone has any other idea what to use (karbonn filter or something) inside the bottle too? Thanks in advance.


Fluval 305

Hello all,

I have a question about a Fluval 305 filter. I recently upgraded to a 55 gallon tank for my parrot cichlid. I have had him for about 4-5 years now and he grew from being a little puny 2 inch fish getting chased by a gourami to a 6 inch gorilla that rearranges the tank on me.



hello guys,

i recently bought a 90us gallon tank and im planning to buy a fileter for it which can help me maintain my tank clean for a longer duration. wen i checked with my local pet store i found only this "HW-303B OUT SIDE FILTER"
the shop keeper told me that this filter ll maintain my tank clean for a yr is it so? and its give that it can handle both fresh/salt water is it true?
can i trust this filter?


is this filter sufficent

is a penguin 330 bio wheel filter o.k for a 55 gallon tank i currently have two blood parrots in there i just want to make sure that the filter is sufficent for the fish and the water to maintain proper water qaulity


best filter to buy for blood parrot

what is a great filter for a 55 gallon tank with two blood parrots in it ?? somethign that will not only keep up but excede keeping up and do a amazing job


Setting up tank for future Parrot resident...filter????



New filter questions...

Ok so my filter is messed and my step dad wants to build me one(he has built filters for other things before) he is going to make canister filters but he wants to know can the water be TOO clean. I have waffers for my bottom feeders so thats not a problem he just wants to know if it can be too clean and if it will harm them if it is. I understand the whole good bateria bad bacteria thing and i already have all the bacteria in there it is an established tank. The filter will be a fine filter and charcle and anougher thing i forgote








New Babies Getting Stuck on Filter

Ok so the title pretty much says it all. I just bought 3 parrots about and inch and a half long and 2 other cichlids that I cant remember the name of now lol. They are blue with orange fins... Anyways, I have an Aquaclear filter and all 5 fish are fascinated by it and insist on hanging around it. Within 10 minutes of being in the tank I already had to unplug the filter for a second because one of the parrots was stuck to it. I am a new fish owner so what do I know, but Im gonna throw it out there and assume this is a very bad thing!


Filter for a 46g tank - any thoughts?

Hi I am purchasing a 46g tank for my BPs and wanted to know what filter suggestions are out there. I understand one should overshoot in terms of filtration and these are somewhat "messy" fish, but there are just so many products out there it is overwhelming. I want to offer my BPs the best environment possible. I have been reading some on biowheel technology which sounds interesting to me. Does anyone have an opinion on these filters? Any specific brands? Thanks, AandA


Water inside my extenal filter...

Just a quick question.
I have a fluval 304 external and it's well matured, about 4 months or so on my tank.
It gets cleaned weekly... However the water inside the canister is brown, when my tank is clear / small tint of brown.

Am I supose to empty the filter water and fill it with tank water when I clean it?
I've always just left it thinking it's the 'benefical bacteria' that are browning it....
Any ideas? Cheers.

Oh, and water is tested often and nothing wrong with it.


Filtration system advice

Hi Parrot Heads! I have been reading and reading for days online about filters and my head hurts! I have a 55g with 3 parrots, 4 tiger barbs, 6 corys and one bushynose. Currently I have an Aquaclear 110 and a Penguin 170 for filters, and they dont seem to be keeping the water as clear as when I first set it up and ran it without any fish in it. (I am suspecting the Penguin, the flow isnt that great even though I have taken it apart and done everything I could with it, got the filter used, it is not brand new)


Meet Nevaeh(naenae)

Iam so happy tp have found this site!I'm brand new to the whole fish thing n need all the help I can get. I never believed I would become attached to ant fish, I have nevee had an intrest in them.I stopped ibto a small mom n pop fish shop to buy a cheao tank for my daughters bearded dragon n decided to brows while I waited for was love at first for her lol.another customer pointed her out n said that fish really likes you,every time you get close it does flips and follows back n forth in her tank. I thought yeah right,but went to have a closer look at my admirer.


OMG---Someone PPPPPlease Help me with a Fluval 203!!!!!!!

I I'm setting up a 45 gal for the Jewels I posted about a few weeks ago. I bought it second hand for $50 it came with the tank, hood, and this fluval 203 filter. I have NEVER seen let alone used a canister filter. So I am trying to figure out what and how to put this 1 million pieced thing together. The fellow I bought it from said you had to put charcole in it but where???? I got the canister out and its in three sections that come apart 1. on bottom has like tan bolts in it 2. nothing is in it 3. has a spongy brownish filter.


Aquarium Filters: Set up & upkeeping

Hey all,

I wanted to ask how you all have set up your filters.

Currently I have activated corbon in mine over a sponge that is somewhat course. I am thinking I should add the bio filter stuff that's roundish with the hole going through the center underneath.

And I would love to hear everyones expertise regarding this all important contraption.



Changing filters?

Hey guys, I was wondering how often a fish tank filter should be changed? I have been changing my water at a 30 percent water change every week and was wondering how often the filter should be changed. Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!


Extra filter for 46 gallon tank

I have a bio-wheel penguin 350 marineland filter on my 46 gallon tank and I am thinking of adding another for back up in case I ever have a restarting problem. Any suggestions? Mine now mounts on back and has 2 wheels.



Hi Guys.

Thought i would add my DIY SUMP plans for those who are into DIY and dont like spending / cant afford ( like me ) the filteration gadgets.

Email me at I also have plans for Denitrators , refugium, etc .

Hope this helps


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