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Moving pebbles, redecorating

Making a Cave

I went "cave shopping" this weekend. I couldn't find any I liked and none I did like that fit my budget.

After looking on the web for "how to's", I decided to make my own.

Here are some photos of the 2 caves I will be making for my aquarium.

Cost around $10 for the 2.

4" pvc pipes $1.14 each (bought at Menard's)

3/4" River Pebbles $2.89 a bag (50lb.bag)

Silicone (non toxic for aquarium use) $3.87 at Menard's

Time spent so far 2 hours

Step 1

Gather stuff

Step 2

drift wood

I have been soaking my wood in a trashcan for over a week. I change the water everyday and it still chages color. How long until the water stays clear? Im dying to get it in the tank. It is gorgeous... If i place it in the tank how long will my tank water stay brown?

what is my fish doing?

he is moving stones to all 4 sides of the fish tank? Is it normal.


My fish, Jojo, has been a busy little fish.  I have about 4" of gravel in the bottom of the tank and he has dug so much he has hit bottom!  He's uprooted  plants and moved them around.  He doesn't seem to be done yet.  He's still digging.  It a riot to watch him.


bad night

hi changed my stones for sand on sunday check my water after the change (ph levels and amonia levels)all was fine. fish ok monday did a 25% water change as water was a little cloudy went to bed fish all seemed fine woke up tuesday 4 of my B.P's dead gutted removed my only remaining fish to another water source. emptied my tank 100%water change and now only have one lonely B.P however seems to have recovered quickly and is eating well.

i was considering adding a red oscar would this be a good tankmate

cheers ian

It's happening again!!

Ok like bonbell my red devil (toric) and my golden severum (Sushi) are moving rocks AGAIN!! But they're working together and putting all the rocks in one useless corner behind a decoritive shipwreck and it's like REALLY ugly looking and everytime I look at the tank there's a huge freakin mountain in the corner!! It's SO UGLY!!!

parrot fish

hi all
why does my parrot fish move gravel to all 4 corners of there tank

Ok this waz wierd....

Today I noticed that Bonbell's cave was on the other side of the tank.....and pebbles were in a hill form..... did Bonbell do this?

New tank and parrot owner

Hi..I have a 30g tank and 2 parrots. I'm new to aquariums and parrots as well. What is normal behavior? I wonder because one of my parrots always kind of scares me, it barely moves and stays at the bottom of the tank all the time. Moves very infrequently. Is this normal? Also, in my tank I have a house with a waterwheel ...I had a pump connected to it and it made the waterwheel turn and bubbles come out the chimney...but the parrots would not move AT, I though the current they created was too much, so I tuned off that pump and they are moving a bit more.

House cleaning

Everytime I clean the tank (vacuum and refresh) the fish seem to spend the nightime hours moving stones about the tank floor. They must have a housekeeping concern about their little world.


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