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Shyness, Hiding

New Parrot owner! Please help!

Hello! So I  got a new BP from a friend and wow is she beautiful! I love her however I am new to them and I don't know what to expect behaviour wise. I know they are shy, but we have had her for week now and she was becoming used to us and her new surroundings (the tank is hers she came in it). Now she is hiding almost all the time and sometimes she is lying on her side. Any ideas on why? Her color isn't fading and she is still eating so I am at a total loss. I don't want anything to happen to her. I love her already, she's so funny and cute. Such a character!

empty tank

hi i have just had a clear out of my fish tank and restarted with blood parrot i originally had two parrots along with various other i got rid of all my others and add 3 more parrots however my tank may aswell be empty as i never see them apart from feeding time.
the 5 i have are all pretty small about 1 1/2 inches and really dark pink they are housed in juwel vision 180. is this shyness normal or could they just be getting used to they new surroundings they have been in the tank 5 days any advice would be apprieceated.

   cheers ian


Hide and Seek blood parrots

Can anyone help me out...

I just got two blood parrots this past friday (my first ever!! and im so excited) but in the pet store they were right up to the glass and following my hand. Now that theyre in my tank they are very shy and hide when i walk by them..but if im still long enough and out of their view theyll eventually come out and play. One of them even went a little pale in the stomach region. Will this behavior continue or is it just that they have to get used to their new home?

Is my fish SICK?

I am wondering if my fish is sick. The first day i got my fish he was active and swam around the tank. I bought him a light, heater, filter and some plants to hide behind. But, since last night he wont eat any food he sits at the corner of the tank and wont swim anywhere. Is he sick? whats wrong with him.

Parrot Lying Flat

My two blood parrot have been fine together ever since I first got them almost 2 years ago, but in the past few weeks they have started fighting at each other as though they were kissing gouramis.  I the one is now staying up around the output of my bio filter laying turned slightly sideways with his top fin sticking up out of the water.  I've tried separating them out for a a few days and then giving Tang (the one that stays by the filter) a few days to stay by himself and get accustomed to the tank more but nothing has worked.  The only thing that I could think would be to get a tank divi

need to know~

my 2 baby or medium orqange i got from petco keeps hiding...when i feed them bloodworms is the only time they come out,then just like that ,they hide again...sigh.i hardly get to see them,"should i take their hiding spots away,?oh...does anybody know where i can buy the new spotted yellow bloodparrot...IM JUST GAGA over they eat sand?i dont know what they do, i barely see them..and i think,(im not sure....b but the biggest one bumped the smallest one to death...he bumps his mouth on them..why is that guys.


i got two red parrot cichlids a little over a week ago, when i first got them they stayed in the corner by the filter all the i got a rock, then they stayed in there all the time and never got i took the rock back and got plants, now that i have plants in there they stay by the filter all day again...please tell me what i can do to make them come out...also someone told me that they might be saltwater fish...?

My parrot fish is missing

HI ! I am new to the parrot world. I just purchased a blood parrot 2 months ago and he was always hiding, which I gathered from this sight that it is normal. I have a major problem now. My husband and I were cleaning out the tank( 75 gallons) changing water and doing regular maintenance .  Well now the parrot has completely disappeared !  He hasn't jumped out nor have we found him floating at the top.we have 1 angel fish, 4 tiger barbs and some mollies, 2 cory catfish and a pleco.So we have almost completely taken the tank apart  trying to find him, can they bury themselves in the gravel ?

My BP is freaking out

I don't know how to explain this any better, but I have had my BP for over a year now. She has been doing quite well up until recently (the winter).

She was bright and vibrant, laid eggs often, and quite personable (I could feed her from my hand).

I keep up on my water changes (33% change every 2 weeks with 2 new filters), use aquarium salt, and keep the tank at a constant 80F.

New Parrot Cichlids

We have added 2 Parrot cichlids to our 55-tank. We have about 20 goldfish left from our "testing the water" weeks. We also added 2 sharks. The PC's tend to stick together like glue and hide in the log tunnel. Is this normal?

Also they will dig out an indentation in the rocks and lay on their sides for long periods of time? Is this strange behavior for these fish?

And will they really eat these goldfish? Thats what I was told and am wondering if I should take the goldfish out to spare their lives. My kids don't want to see the food chain in action...

Need help

I had 300 litre tank and has 4 of 4
 inches parrot cichlids. They are not eating
 for 2-3 weeks now. I found they had
 parasites and redness on the back of their
 ear fin. They had medicine from the vet for
 parasite and antibiotic last week but they
 still not eating and not swim around just stay behind the rock on the bottom of the tank
How can I make them eat
 again. Am I gonna lost them all?

my littlebp

 My little blood parrotfish ishidingallthe timeiadded afiremouthanda rainbowfishesterdayboth abut2inches andtheycanthurthimlat 2 and the biggerbpdoesntbullyhimthatmuchso why is thelittlebp hiding it startedthis morning

BP Pouting Like A Puppy Dog?

Hi everyone!  I know its been awhile since I've been on and I just wanted to let everyone know that my BP's are doing good.  They got a new 40g as their Christmas present and as I was moving them into it, they swam around good for a little while and then Tang (the bigger one) started to act weird and lay around on his side at the bottom on some fake plants.  I called the pet store, I couldn't take them in because the pet store is over an hour away but is the closest that I trust takes care of their animals and understands what they are doing, and they told me that since everything was good

New Fish Owner

Hello Everyone! I'm a new fish owner with 2 pretty Parrot Cichlids. They are just a week into my tank and I'm finding them hiding alot and becoming very timied when we approach the tank. At times I find them together alot laying sideways and then eventually getting up when I get near the tank. Am I doing something wrong? Is something wrong with my tank? Are my fish dying? Thank you your insight is greatly apprecaited!

Constantly hiding Parrots

I know there are many questions relating to the same issue, however I am asking because maybe there are factors involved I am unaware of. However, any time I post to a fish forum I always seem to be riduculed and dubbed a horrible person. I have never done anything to intentionally hurt or upset my fish so please when responding, be nice. Id really love to make fellow fish owner friends but the majority seems to make it near impossible to do.

I have a 45 gallon tank set up with 4 parrots, 2 jewels, 1 angelfish, 2 guaramis, 1 iridescent shark, and 2 blue rams.

parrot cichlid

i have 2 tanks of blood parrot. 1 tank has 2 bright yellow and they are doing great. Getting to lay. Other tank has 1 solid black and 2 bright red and black.The black one is doing great, always out swimming around and eating and never hides. The 2 red one's have hidden since I got them, several weeks ago. All where purchased at same timein this tank. The red ones never come out to swim or eat. Its like they are scared to death. I removed the hiding places, hoping to entice them to swim and eat. Now they are in the corner laying over on their sides to scared to move.



Got 3 new parrots and hiding the hole time

Hi I am new to parrot fish. I got 3 parrot fish last week been having them for 5 days now and they act very shy/scared? When i got them from the pet shop they were fine and freindly and would come to the front of the tank. I have 90 liter tank.and got lots of dark hiding places for them. When they got in the new tank the first day they were all swiming and picking up the gravel and spitting it out, 2nd day it changed and now if the see me or my fiance they hide the hole time and wont come out until we leave the room , then only will they come out.

whats wrong with my parrot?

i suppose this would be in the "shyness, hiding" topic.

My parrots wont come out to eat anymore :(

Its been 3 days that I've owned my 2 parrot fish. They have been eating fine and swimming around even playing with the hollowed out log I bought them! Now every since last night, they wont come out of their hiding spots to eat. They just stay there for hours! They peek out to watch my two tinfoil barbs eat but they refuse to come out! The one hiding in the log popped his head out to catch a piece of falling food and that was it! I dont know what to do now.. and Im very upset. Why after all this time they are scared? They werent scared the first 3 days.. doesnt make any sense.


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