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Shyness, Hiding

whats wrong with my blood parrots HELP !

i just for two new blood parrots i have a 55 gallon tank and its been up and running for about two years now with fish i had two big fancy goldfish that sadly passed away so i got these two guys to go in there noting else is in the tank but i noticed that i put the fish in the tank and 30 minutes later the two were hidding and laying on there side one in  a clay pot i put in there so i checked ph and it was a little high 7.8 and i tested for amonia levels and those were also just fine there were at 0 so whats going on??

Change in personality??

OK so i had two parrot cichlids that i inheritted from a friend while at college and they did not get along, probably because they were in too small of a tank a 10 gallon but dont yell at me about it i didnt buy the fish or put them in the 10 gallon i simply saved them  from the porcelin express which was gong to be their fate if i didnt. So i moved the larger BPwhile i setup a 36 gallon tank in my stepmother's office into the other 10 gallon tank i was going to move my guppy and dwarf frog into.

help :O

ok so im sort of new on owning fish but i recently bought some. i have 2 parrot cichled and 1 african zebra cichled, i had the african cichled for almost a week and recently bought the parrot cichled yesterday...when i first put them in they were doin cool together with the exception of one parrot cichled tryin punk the other 2 fish fbut today theyre gettin along but now the fish that was bullying the others is hiding...i tried feeding them (cichled gold floating pellets) but theyr not eating...i dont know whats wrong please help

My Parrots

I have kept tropical fish for over 20 years, however, these are my first pair of Parrots and have had them now for about 6 months.

They are now not eating much at all and hiding most of the time, they were okay until about a week ago.  We have checked the filter, water quality and temp and they are all fine.  We feed them on blood worm, cichlid small pellets and flake.  We have some other fish in with them - pleco, mollies and tetras and they get on fine with these.

4 shy Parrot Fish

I recently bought 4 Parrot fish, they were small, the latest I bought was a little bit bigger, anyway, they are 4, but very shy, they never swim around the tank unless the check firts that nobody is watching them or that nobody is in the room, whenever I walk into the room the swim very fast and hide behind this log I have in the tank, I'ts been already a month, I even put more rocks so the can have more place to hide and fell more secure but they are still shy, what should I do, I read that it takes time until they get used to me and their new home, but a Month???

3 Parrots - 3 weeks in and they still hide! Also, 2 are developing black spots.

Hey guys - We added 3 Parrots to our 55 gal tank about 3 weeks ago. They almost immediately went into hiding and they scurry and hide every time one of us walks through the room. We have a cave, rock formation, and fake tree root system for them to hide in. And that's all they do! We are hoping they come out of their shells soon. Any advice on how to encourage them to reveal themselves more often? They are extremely curious, and when they think we aren't watching, they are constantly watching us!


Well last night I finally went out and got three red line tetra for ditherfish for my tank.  I had three BPs that I have had for about 1 1/2 mos and still would only come out to eat.  I had to clean the tank last night, do a partial water change, and add some more hiding places (i.e.

Shy guys........

We just got 3 parrots about 2 wks ago, we have added  2 small blue gorumi , 1 small red tail shark and 5 black skirt tetra. they all seem to get along except the parrots hid almost all the time  they are appox between 3- 5 inch.  its sad because we want to see our beautiful friends. any advice?

I think there is a problem with my cichlids...

I just bought 2 parrot cichlids a few days ago. I've had other cichlids before, but this is my first time dealing with this breed. Well I think they are wonderful fish, I'm worried about how long it takes them to adjust. They are not eating, at least I can't see them eating. They only swim if the house is really dark, they came out this morning when I turned on the light, but only for 5 mins and they went back to hiding in the cave and plants. How long will this type of behaviour last? And should I worry after a certain amount of time...

New Parrot Cichlid Owner!

Hey Guys,  I am transitioning my 55gallon community tank into a cichlid tank, I left my rainbow shark in there, and brought everyone else back to the fish store.


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