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Shyness, Hiding

Why are why Blood Parrots now terrified of me...?

I have two mating young couples in a 20-gal.

odd behavior for my Parrot Fish

My fish Effie used to always greet me at her tank, follow my finger, and never hide. I recently changed her water completely becuase i havent in about 2 months (i do partial water changes also), i changed the decorations and put her in. She now hides under the filter in a slanted position and hides all the time! she eats well but barely ever comes out. She comes out but only for certain periods of time. She is 3 inches long and in a ten gallon tank

My Parrot Fish Has Become Lethargic, What Could Be Wrong?

My biggest Parrot has become lethargic overnight. He is usually the boss of the tank, first to greet me when I come near the tank, first to get to the food. I noticed last night that it now hides all the time and does not come to me with the other fish when I come near the tank. At feeding time he doesn't look too interested in food. He may eat a little, but then spits it back out and thrashes around. This is a greedy fish who can eat a pea whole, never spits out anything.

where are you???

Hello, I am new to this site, so glad that I found it.  i have a 30 gal tank, and lost my tiger barbs, so all I had in it was 1 rosey barb.  A few days ago (Friday) I bought 3 parrot cichlids.  They are beautiful, but they stay in caves or behind rocks.  I very seldom get to see them.  Is this normal?  As far as i can tell, everything is fine......I am feeding them flake food, do I need to change to some other kind of food to draw them out? 


thanks... I do appreciate your comments.



My baby blood parrots in new tank

heart I tryed today to see these shy little guys...I took their log out just to make sure I still have 6 healthy cichlids. They all came out and didn't act too upset about my rearranging the log. A couple of them actually ate a few flakes. I really didn't want to disturb them but it's been 3 days and I haven't seen them at all. I am so excited to finally have them in my new 75 gallon tank.

Can any one help

Hi I have two small parrots and they are very shy and reclusive. Have had them now for about 6 weeks. I started out with just 1 but it was acting like it was dieing by liying on its side.the guy at the fish store suggested byeing a second one for company. That hasent worked. So now I have upgraded my tank so that have more hiding spaces. That to has had no affect can anyone help me as I am clean out of ideas.  

Is it okay?

Is it okay to take out the log that my parrot fish is hiding in for a couple of minutes each day to let him swim around the tank and find new hiding spots? or should i just let him hide all day? because yesterday i did this and then put food in the tank and started to eat a little food. im hoping that it helped him to start associating me with food. but i also dont want him to associate me with fear when i take out his log. im really stuck anyone know what to do? please comment!

im starting to worry

My parrot fish will not come out he wont even come out for food! (unless he does when im not looking) im wondering if i can cut his hiding log in half so that i can see into it is this okay to do of course i wonuldnt do it while he is in there. PLEASE I REALLY NEED HELP CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE COMMENT I REALLY NEED HELP! by the way i know that parrot fish are shy when first put into to a new tank im just worried hes not getting food so by cutting the log i would be able to reach in and put food in it 

Strange Behavior?


I've had 2 BPs, 1 jack dempsey, & a pleco together in a cycled 55 gallon for a little over a month. Took a bit but everyone seems to be getting along. Eating frozen bloodworms along with some flake food once a day. All 3 would come to the top of the tank as soon as I'd walk up to the tank.

My baby BP


yesterday I bought 5 pairs of small 2.5 - 3" blood parrots. They are in their 6' X 2' X 2' tank with a huge driftwood.

They are very shy right now and are hiding as soon as someone goes near the tank. I have had some big (more than 6" size) BP in the past but raising these little ones looks like a very different game altogether.

I would really appreciate if you could suggest about how can I make them comfortable with the new settings and also what to feed them apart from pellets.




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