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Bought a third Blood Parrot, bullying ensued. D :

Okay, so I am completely new to keeping Blood Parrots (but I promise, I did my research beforehand don't you worry!).  I fell in love with them about six months ago, and have been waiting to find the ones who stick out to me.  A month ago, I finally found my babies.  They were at a pet store an hour away from home, in two seperate tanks.  One was a piebald, seperated and priced higher, and the other was regular with another blood parrot in with it.  Both only 2 inches or so.  I felt terrible for taking the remaining Blood Parrot's only tankmate, and worried about him constantly.


Please help

I've had parrot chichlids for 10 years and my last buddy just passed away so I got two new ones. They are fighting like crazy? I even tried to feed them to distract them and they don't care. My tank already has plenty of hiding spaces but it appears that neither will back down. Any suggestions?



Okay, so, I have 3 parrots in a 75 gallon. All 3 get along alright, though one of them seems to be the lowest in the pecking order. But just recently, the bullying has gotten worse. Now, both of the other fish are attacking the third fish, and I'm concerned. I -think- it's because they're all kind of in the breeding mood, the two bullies have been digging up the sand in the tank as though they're trying to find a place to lay eggs, and I'm pretty sure their egg tubes are out. I'm not entirely certain of the sex on all the parrots.


Parrot Fish Biting the Other one

I have 2 parrot fish, (The red parrot fish) but one is biting each other... SO IF YOU PLEASE HELP me what do I have to do? Only one is biting  and the other one is not biting at all, I don't know whats going on.  I don't know, but I am soo afraid if one of them is injured as I don't know if one of the parrot fish came up ... The upper fin is tore up by another. please help me. what should i do? My aquarium size is 2ft*1ft.


Pinky fights with Bapu

HI Guys, Sorry.. And of course I missed you all. :-) Happy Friendship day.

It's long time I visited this site. So It feels like getting back to the world of Parrots!

But on this Friendship day occasion, I observed that Pinky (Young-Pink Parrot) fights with BApu (Orange fish) and Bapu is not doing well :-(

I removed Pinky from tank and Bapu is recovering (Fingured Crossed).

I need an advise whether Pinky would be doing friendship with Bapu If I will put Pinky back in tank ?


I have a big Pleco

  I have some Parrots, some silver Dollars, a clown loach, 2 oscars, and an electric blue cichlid in my 75 gallon tank. I also have a 5 inch long Pleco in another tank. I would like him to be in the 75 tank, but several people have told me that plecos can be nasty especially since they are nocturnal fish, and I wouldn't see their true behavior and interaction with the other fish. What does anyone think about adding him? Do you think he will leave the parrots alone, or will this be a bad idea?



I have a blood parrot lace catfish in a 55 gallon had them for awhile i added a small oscar yesterday while the parrot is small the oscar is smaller and hes not eating or swimming around unless the parrot chases him hel swim


Former parrot owner/ tried again but I think I messed up

I have an established 30 gallon tank with one pictus cat and 5 smaller fish (typical tropical fish about 2 inches  long). I am a former parrot owner two lived in a 55 gallon with plecos and other fish and loved them. Anyway, about a week ago I bought two parrots. I always buy two of something because I figure everyone needs a buddy.


Adding a new Parrot Cichlid to a BP tank

hello, I have a 30 gallon tank with a medium sized BP.  I had to add a new BP (small) to the tank today because my heater in the other tank i think went bad.  I have hiding spaces for the BP's but my slightly larger (not by much) is really beating up on my new parrot, will it take them awhile to settle in.  I've had them in a tank before and he also beat him up, i've seen many BP's being tank mates before, not sure why mine doesnt like the new one. any ideas?



Petsmart Parrots and Oscars

I have been a Parrot Cichlid owner for a year or so now, and have done my share of research (mainly on this forum). I have read that Parrots and Oscars do not get along being that both are fairly aggressive and territorial. I noticed at Petsmart in both of the Parrot tanks there were Oscars of the same size. What really caught my attention was in the "Large" (15-20 gallon) tank, there were two 4 inch Parrots and an Oscar. These Parrots were beating on the Oscar my whole half hour visit, and the associate blew off my concerns.



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