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Male or Female?

Hmmm we think she is a she

Her face is a lot pointer than most parrots I’ve seen and she is not growing much. But she is vary aggressive. No pics posted yet but soon. And she is veary found of my male oscar.

Males, or females?


I'm just in the process of figuring out the sexes of my 4 little fishies. I have a parrot (obviously), a fire mouth, a jewel, and a peacock. Any tips on how to sex them? Thanks !



Male or Female

How do you tell the sex of your blood parrots?


Laying eggs

I have had a one parrot fish for about 2 1/2 years. its was given to me by my sister-in-law that moved out of town. About 3 wks. ago, I bought another one. Now they must have mated. I see eggs on one of the rock in the tank. How long will it take for these eggs to hatch. And will the babies be in danger of the parents. The parents are the only other fish in the tank. i need help on this matter. I just noticed these eggs on 5/4/ 08.

male and female

I didn't know if I had a pair but now it looks like we have eggs!The male has developed a black spot, doing all the suggested things IE temp, water,stress coat etc . does doing water changes to reduce nitrates add to stress levels

can any1 offer any advice

I have established my new 55 gallon tank and the water is healthy. I'll be getting fish in the next few days. If i was to do blood parrots, how many could i comfortably house in the tank? also, does anyone know any tricks/behavior to watch/ to decipher male from female? i had two blood parrots that my father took over at his home, and they seem to do a lot of fighting. could this mean opposite sex?

Male or female?

I recently purchased two small parrot fish, blueberry and strawberry named because of their colors. We have an over populated 30 gallon guppies tank we dropped them into. They are hiding and eating, and seem to be happy. My question arose when I have noticed the pink parrot is aggressive towards the blue parrot. I have already fallen in love with these adorable additions. I do not want to lose one, if I can avoid this.We have two other tanks consisting of an overpopulated striped convicts, and the other assorted goldfish, including one beautiful yellow and black cichlid.

Just found out my Parrot Fish is a female.

From San Antonio and I have a 29 gallon tank. I have a big Oscar and a huge Algae,and of course A Parrot fish.I just notice that she laid some eggs.Does any one know how long it take for the eggs to hatch?If any one knows please let me know so i can move the Oscar before he eats them.Another thing was that i was looking on other web sites and there was a web site that said that the Parrot fish well guard their eggs but once they turn white they well eat them.Would any one if that is true?


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