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Male or Female?

fighting parrots

ive got three parrots 2 are about 2 inches long one is about a inch and a half the 2 that are about 2 inches long have started fighting are they more likely to be two males or two females ?

My googie

Parrot fish sexing

well i have 4 parrot fish 2-3'' big but three of them have this white thing sticking out of the bottam of their stomach all the time but the one of them dosent have this feature, am they boy or girl??

male? female?

i've got a flowerhorn (2-3inch). how to know if it's a male or female? need reply asap as this is for breeding programme.........

male or female

How do you tell the difference beetween a male and a female bp.

DIfference beetweenmale and female

How do you tell the difference beetween a male and a female blood red parrot fish


i dont know if my parrot is a male or female

how do i know if my parrot is a male or female, i call him michael but im not sure if he is a male,

male or female?

Hello, I'm new to the site and am wondering if anyone could tell me the obvious differences between male and female blood red parrots please.

How do I tell a male from female

Hello everyone I am new to this and it is my first time keeping fish. I went to a pet store with my girlfriend and fell in love with the parrot fish... I think it is just me but I think they look like they are smiling...Lol! no one else notices this but it was the first thing that stood out to me! Anywyays I have hundreds of questions about them such as how to tell which is male a nd female and whether or not it is okay to have just one parrot in a tank or if they should be paired up?


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