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Male or Female?

Gender Identification

Hello everyone,
I have just purchased two BP's I should have taken all three when I got them but I didn't. I would like to know how you determine their gender, the two that I have look different but are the same size I believe they are very young because they are about two and a half inches long they are small about the size of those bugeyed goldfish anyway I love them.

boy or gril

hi every body.

i am new in this club i wish to ask if someone can tell me how you now if the bp are male or female?

Gender Test

Hey guys, I have two BP's. The one is significantly larger than the other. The large one has a black stripe on its fin. Does this mean anything?
How can one tell the Gender of Blood Parrots?

when will they be showing tubes?

male from female

How do you know the male parrot form the female.

i am a newby to parrot cichlids

i am a newby to parrot cichlids. i bought two parrots and i would like to know how to tell if they are male or female. Could someone tell me how to determine this? They are so cute, i luv them. 

New to these awesome cichlids!

Hello Everyone!!!! Just joined the club and just go two new Red Parrot Cichlids. I have only had them for about 5 days but i think they are awesome!! I dont know if they are male or female if someone could tell me a way they found successful in sexing them that would be great since i know it is hard too. However, i was wondering how long i could keep my two cichlids Ben and Alex in the 10 gallon i have them in now.

How to tell the difference?

Hi i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to tell if a blood parrot is a male or female?


I have three Parrot fish that I  have had for about 3 months now. One is a jellybean and the other two are parrots. Can someone tell me hhow to tell the sex of them? I would really appreciate it. When we bought them, we weren't informed that they were cichlids, and they told us that they were very peaceful. We haven't had any problems out of them, they are in a tank with mollies and loaches. It seems that as long as they have plenty of hiding places, they are ok with other fish. I have rock in my tank, and each one of the Parrots have their own space.

parrot questions

hey there i recently bought a parrot fish a few days ago and its getting on well with my other cchillids that ive had for years now and also a blue knight lobster (well i had 2 but i aint seen the other 1 in awile lol). im just wundering how u can sex parrots with out them breeding. and also if they will breed with other chillids as they are chillids them selfs. thanks!!!


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