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Male or Female?

Parrot fish laying eggs

I want to know whether my parrot fish is about to lay eggs. Because the shopkeeper said that she is about to lay eggs in 3 - 4 days.But I didn't see anything till now.IMG_20171004_003220_HHT.jpgIMG_20171004_003220_HHT.jpg

Gender Opinions? (Pictures included)

The blue eyed piebald is Sophie (I think female?)

The solid is Calcifer (Male?)

Calcifer has gone a bright peach on his underbelly, which seems to be male spawning colors from what I've read, and he's become very aggressive.  Sophie is a sweetheart and a homebody, tending to stay in the cave unless I offer to pet her.


SIDE NOTE:  Is it common for blood parrots to have those irridescant blue spots on their tails, or is it a sign of a different breed put into them?  Calcifer's have become SO blue and vibrant in the light.

Is my Parrott male or female?

This one is very aggressive it make the other one stay on one side but why? Could this be the male?

Is my Parrott male or female?

Male or Female

smileyNow, I know to identify the gender of a parrot fish you must vent them, which I am not to keen on doing for the fish's safety and we'll being (I'm not an expert fish handler) and was wondering if there is any other possible way of finding the gender of my parrot, Teeto. I believe that "he" is a boy but am not quite sure. He is very agressive which leads me to believe that he is male but then again, I'm not sure.

The other Parrot is female

In my past posts I talked about my female parrot going through the whole egg laying process without delivering eggs. She paired off with a male at first that I had to return to the pet store a while back because he became really aggressive. Then she paired off with what at the time I didnt know if it was a male or another female. The other fish hung out with my female Parrot going through the motions and then going their seperate ways once my female either laid eggs and ate them right away or just went through the whole process but just never laid eggs I dont know I never saw eggs.

Which (if any) are less aggressive, male or female?

I'm looking to purchase 3 blood parrots probably next week, but before I do, I want to know that everyone will coexist happily. So I wondered if I should get all three the same sex, or how that should work.


Hello.....My Parrots has laid eggs twice this month .......No Babies....Should just take the male out the tank...They breed like twice a month ....What I need to do? I had them for about 4 years......

Name for my blood parrots and male or female?

how do you tell if your blood parrot is male or female ? ones bigger and hides in the clay pot the other hides in a house and comes out alot more and is not quit as afriad and also what should i name my two blood parrots?

male parrot

Helloo guys,

im new to this community and bringing up parrot fish, i recently bough a pair of parrot fish and the LFS people told me like we never get a male parrot always we get only a female parrot is it true?
he told me like if v need to bread v can cross it with devil fish is it so???
and one of my parrot has few white patches in her body is it white spots or just the color has not come out properly?
Thank you.

i have them in a 2ft x 1ft x 1.5ft tank is it fine?


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