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Tank Mates

keeping my parrot with my flowerhorn

I have my parrot and my flowerhorn in two seperate tanks right now. just until i buy a larger tank, and when i do im going to have them both sharing the tank with a divider in the middle to keep my flowerhorn from tearing (chandler) my parrot to pieces. Has anyone attempted this before??? if so, what would be the best thing to use as a divider??


BP and RTS

Hello all. I have a 75gallon long fully established tank planted with various live plants (now six of them all similar in appearance as they seem to do well in my water which is a bit on the hard side here... I had a beautiful plant with jagged looking leaves that started dying, so I wii quickly removed it... The remaining plants have smooth, wide leaves that taper out at the ends and are growing quickly in my tank.


Parrot and Clarias Catfish?

I have a rather small parrotfish I got a few months ago, and a ridiculously large clarias catfish. When I purchased the catfish I was told they got "sort of big" and that they ate alot. Both of these were extreme understatements. I was moving away from small fish and wanted to have some larger ones in the tank. So this catfish seemed a good idea at the time. However, it was not mentioned that he is an absolute terror to everything else in the tank.


Will my BP hurt my Goldfish??

Howdy!! I am not new to the fish world. Just to the BP world! I had two tanks one containing my goldfish that I have had for three years. And the other that I recently started up containing two sharks and two Bp's. I could not handle two aquariums and new kittens so I decided I would give the sharks back to the pet store and keep the BPs. I put them in the aquarium with my goldfish. And all seemed well. My Bp's hide most part of the day and come out while I am gone or when I feed them. My goldfish are my babies. And in this moment my main priority. My smallest goldfish is about 6" long.


Green Terror and BP tankmates?

Would a Green Terror be a good tankmate for a BP or would he be too aggressive for the BP to handle


Hi I am new here

Well about a month ago my daughter and I walked by a fish tank at PetSmart. I had never seen a Blood Parrot before and fell in love. Well I made my husband buy a 60 gal tank because I knew I had to have these adorable fish. LOL
So my husband really wants an Oscar.. He had them for 10 yrs before we met. Are we able to put the two together in a 60 gal tank? Will they get a long? What other fish can I get to add to the tank that will be a good fit for BP. What do you have?


Bristlenose plecos with BPs

Hi all, new around here.

I have a 46 gal bowfront tank stocked as such:

2 baby BPs...just got them
7 tiger barbs (3 reg, 2 albino, 2 green)
3 julii cory cats

I know by reading on here that some think the tank is too small for this many fish considering the size of adult BPs.  I only plan to have this tank for 1-2 years before moving the BPs to a new 75 gal.  For now, regular water changes and 3 filters will have to suffice. 


Looking for some Advice

First off I want to start by saying my blood parrot Bubbles is my absolute baby. He's about 7 mo's old and say 5" long, I have him in a 40g tank at the moment. I recently got a 55g tank which I put 4 african cichlids in but to be honest i tend to spoil Bubbles, hes my im thinking of giving him the 55g tank which leads me to my question. Are the african cichlids suitable tank mates for bubbles? they're juvi's right now about an inch long each but as we all know fish grow, and african cic's tend to be on the aggressive side so i was wondering how that would work out.



I have had my 55 gal tank for approx 11 years.  I bought a BP approx 3 years ago, which is now approx 5".  I have 1 clown loach - 2 1/2", 1 alagie eater - 2/1/2" in the tank with the BP.  I want a few more fish.  I was thinking of Angel or Gourami fish.  Would they be compatable with my BP?


Tankmates - BPs / Jewel Cichlid / Tin Foil Barbs

Please suggest if the following can be good tank mates....


1> Blood Parrot - 3

2> Jewel Cichlid - 2

3> Tin Foil Barbs - 2

Also provide more details on the Jewel Cichlid


Thank you!!



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