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2 Year old Parrot - Introducing a new fish

I have a 2 year old Parrot and a Pleco in a 55 gallon tank.  I had a firemouth with this fish but I never saw the firemouth so I let someone have it because I think the Parrot was dominating  and not letting it eat.

I would like to have a second fish in the tank.  Can you introduce a young fish with the Parrot to see if they will get along or do you need to get another adult fish?  If so, what would be the best choice?


hitchhiker organism on fish

Hi I found this little hitchhiker organism on my Pearl fish. He moves all over the fish but doesn't look like it is irritating it. I have tried to remove it from my fish but it is not so easy, it moves around all the time. Does anybody know what it is and if it can be fatal for my fish?


Compatible Fishes


I have purchased a set of 4 red and 2 yellow parrots about 4 months back. I had also purchased 2 blue corangs & 2 green terrors and one sucker. Mysteriously my blue corangs and green terrors died one after the other. Also I lost one parrot. On enquiring I came to know that parrots are not compatible with the above mentioned fish. Also a couple of days back my sucker died and it had a hole in its body. Kindly help me and let me know what other fishes I should add.



Hello, I'm new to this forum. I purchased a blood parrot yesterday from petsuppermarket. I found the bp to be very beautiful and so I got him. I have him in a 30 gallon(guy at the store told me they only need 29gallons) is there anything I should know about this fish in particular. I have him with a spotted African leaf fish. Gourami. Black ghost knife. Are they very aggressive? Any info will help. Thank you.


King kong parrots

can you put king kong parrots in with blood red parrots. will they get along? thankss- brandon


Can king Kong parrots be put with blood red parrots?

I was wanting to buy some king kong parrots to go along with my blood red parrots...Is that a good idea or not? -brandon


Do BP get lonely??

 I am still working on getting Miley my BP a larger tank now right now shes in my 10 Gallon, its still an improvement from the 5 gallon tank that i rescued her in from college, but i was wondering if it is ok for her once i get the new tank to be alone? Do they get lonely?


Parrot cichlid Tank Mates 55 Gallon Tank

Okay then right now in tank have 1 red tailed shark is not aggressive has never chased a fish and 1 pearl gourami 2 angels and 6 scissortail rasbora could I add 1 parrot cichlid to this mix of fish?


Midas with parrot fish?

The midas is only 4" now, but I'm worried she'll go after my parrots when she gets older. Anyone have Midas with Parrotts?  I've also read that a Midas needs as least a 75g tank alone.  I have her in a 55g with 3 parrots.  I'm thinking I may need to rehome her?  That would be a shame because she is so beautiful.  Any suggestions?


populating the tank

We have a 26 gallon aquarium. Because we have a plecostomus (ishmael - 9in,) in the other aquarium (25 gallon) with his cherry barb pets (Legion) we will need to set up a 75 gallon at some point in the next  5-6 years after i get my bachelor's degree and we have a permanent home to keep it in.

I would like to put two fish ONLY in the empty  tank (26 gallon). We had blood parrots before, a male and a female named Admiral Ackbar and Captain Nemo and they passed away recently. The tank has been completely re-done and we want to get new fish.


Compatable ?

Do you think a small spinney eel would get on alright with my Parrot ?


partners for my parrots

I want to buy some schooling little fish to put into my tank with two full grown parrots.  Any suggestions on what may survive?



So i got two bettas about two weeks ago, one male and one female. So i havr them both in separate bowls. But I want to get a crown tail (male) betta and put him in the bowl that has the female in it so that my two males can like envy each other through the glass. So i was wondering if i could keep my female betta in the aquarium with my BPs gouramis platys and mollies. She is about one inch long so yeah thanks


Parrots and..

Can i do a parrot fish and an Oscar, and maybe some silver dollars as diggers in a 72 gallon bow front?



Just got 7 quarter inch mollies from my grandma. She has like FORTY more!!


Lonely PB

Hello am new to this, But Would Be Happy For Some Help.

I have a Fish Tank 2x1. had 2 Very Funny Parrot Fish Until Last Week when 1 Died.

Fish In Tank Looking Very Healthy But Very Lonely, Needs a mate. Can i put another PB + another Type Of Fish With Him.

Gratefull For Some Help.



i went to the petstore tonight and since my neon tetras didnt work i went with bloodfin tetras (a little bigger) and they look awesome in the tank. i got 12 of them. so there in there with my two parrots ,7 neon rosy barbs, a king male betta and a really cool catfish.
the tank looks awesome very colorful alot of reds :) and alot of activity!
i have had my parrots for a month now and theyr pretty cool. they dont really bother the other fish but theyr rather nippy with eachother lol.


need some friends for my parrots!

hi im new to this site names john.
i have a 46 gallon bowfront aquarium with 2 blood red parrot cichlids about 2 inches.
i also have a king male betta and 7 neon rosy barbs/
i had 14 neon tetras and iv noticed one is missing every morning lol so one of my parrots likes a midnight snack!



I just joined this site. I purchased two blood red parrots and added them to a newly set up 36 gallon tank. I've only had them a day. The tank has two large caves, a bunch of plants and some other decorations. One of my parrots seems to be the dominant one and head bumps the other whenever he enters one of the caves. Other than that, they seem to get along.. Besides a random head bump here and there. It seems as though he is just setting some territory for himself. I would really like to add some other fish to the tank.


Weird death of tankmate

I have two red BP's, two gourami's, one albino shark, two silver dollars and two bala sharks in my 75g tank.
I have had them for almost a year now.
They average abt 4inches with one of the red BP's being larger at 5 inches.
Today I just found one of the 4 inch bala sharks dead! As far as I remember it was fine the previous night. It had not red streaks or anything. I had just  done the weekly water change a week back.



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