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Aggressive Blood Parrot, possible tank mates?

I'm back with another question for my murderess (ah yes, SURPIRSE, she's female not male!).  In her 40g breeder, she killed one BP and bullied the other so badly we had to rehome him.  She also killed four Green Tiger Barbs, and so we had to rehome the remaining school.  She's been laying clutch after clutch of eggs since she got the tank to herself, and has been alone and seemed sort of depressed for the past two months or so.  For my birthday this past week, I was given a brand spanking new 75 gallon tank, and my new stand is being shipped as I type this.  I've been told by several people


Tank Mate Help

I just moved my 9.5" BP to a 60 gallon tank which has 1 red tailed shark, & 5 congo tetras. It's his/her first time with any tank mates, but so far so good. I would like to add a few more fish, but I don't know if I am already overstocked, or which fish would be the best choice. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Best Tank Mates


blood parrots with yellow Africa cichlids?

I have a 55 gallon with around 15 yellow African cichlids in it. I also have a 35 gallon with a blood parrot in it with a couple silver dollars. I'm wondering if anyone feels that the blood patter will be ok to add in with the afticans? I have heard many different reasons it will and will not be ok. Does anyone have experience with doing this? the reason I have been thinking about it is I hate the 35 gallon tank. It's a corner tank and with the angles is a pain to place. And u have had nothing buy trouble with filtering the tank. It always looks crappy .


Tankmates for Parrots, help please.

I have a 55 gallon tanks which currently has 4 Parrots and 1 Pleco. I am looking to add some variety, however my Parrots tend to pick on new fish, so I have not added anything new for awhile. Can anyone tell me if there is a type of fish,that I can add without them becoming a sacrafice? I have had them for about 6-7 years and they still seem good and healthy, but not overally large. I live in a rural area and only have one fish store to choose from, the selection is limited so nothing too rare, lol. Thanks for any insight you can offer.


Community TankMates

My 2 BP's seem very sweet natured and have turned out to be a pair as already have 1st spawning. I had no idea what would or wouldn't work with BP's so just went with what I like. Initially a male Betta, a female Betta, 5 Fire Dwarf gouramis and a few days later 4 small Blue Gouramis. First the female Betta got nailed, then the male Betta.


BP's and Tiger Barbs? Q's about cohabitation and tank size.

I could use some input on my planned tank community before I implement it. I want to do a dedicated Parrot tank (no other cichlids) and would like to put my school of 12 Albino Tiger Barbs in as dither fish. Currently my tank is an established 75g with two juvenile BP's and a handful of baby yellow labs we're growing out before we put them in the cichlid tank. The labs will be evicted before any changes are made.

The Barbs are still quite small, the largest are about the size of nickels. They're currently in the 20g Time Out/Hospital Tank but we're going to need that back!


Update on the Tank



new tank mates


i want to add some 3 German blue rams and a new parrot to my tank 

i have:

2 sword tails

1 black skirt tetra 

1 elephant nose

1 Parrot cichlid

do you think they will get along fine??


thanx laugh



im just going to keep posting until someone helps me so whatkind of fish should i get in with my

1 blood parrot

1 africanccihlid shy of the blood parrot

4 tiger barbs soon to be 8

1 lace catfish in a 55 gallon tank



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