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Parrot Varieties

Painted Parrot Fish from Walley World

My husband being angry that our 3 yr old had killed his HUGE Oscar came home with a small puffer and 2 " painted Parrot fish" from town. He knew they were part of the Cichlid family (getting revenge, the whole family wanted mellow fish like mollies, guppies, zebras, tetras, which I'd already put in the tank 4 weeks prior). Well leave it to a 3 yr old, she killed the puffer, over fed them and the pH, ammonia, nitrates, nitrites all went shooting thru the roof!

mix breed of B.P. and flower horn

I just saw the this fish today 1/27/08 at the local pet store. I try to find it on the net but unsuccesful. Does any one know about this new breed? I would surely like to know more about it.

Petstore Conviced It's a Green Severum--I Think It's a BP

I bought a new parrot fish a few weeks ago. It was in a tank with some other cichlids at the pet store and when I showed the guy which fish I wanted he said, "You want that green severum?" and I said, "No, that 's a parrot fish." The guy stood there and argued with me over it.

what type???

just purchased two parrots. the dealer stated that they were " purple parrots" and that they would turn purple in time. currently they are a bright orange color and one has several purple patches on him. i can not find any info anywhere that mantions this type of fish. can anyone help?

Green Terror/Parrot CROSSBREED

I believe I have a cross breed and want to know if anyone else has heard of or seen this...Green Terror and Blood Parrot cross breed?????? here's my story....

please could someone tell me what parrots i have

Hi please could someone tell me what kind of parrots i have, i know i have a male and female, there names are rosie and mosie. ive put a link to my piccie below. rosie is laying eggs every 2 weeks but nothing has happened as yet. so i was wondering what sort i have. thankyou in advance. max

Blood Parrot vs. Jellybean

Could someone please explain some of the differences between blood parrots and jellybean, or are they one in the same. I apologize if this is a crazy question, but I am sure as you can tell I am pretty new in this community. How can you tell the difference between the two? What about adult size difference, are blood parrots large then jellybean's? Thanks any other differences would also be appreciated.

Dwarf Jelly Bean??

I had an un-dyed fish that looks exactly like a jelly bean and was marked " dwarf" I found an identical fish on but it has been out of stock for months and I cannot locate it anywhere else. Does anyone know what this fish is, or where I can find it? Thanks!!

Dwarf Jelly Bean??

Hi, I am not sure what this fish is but it has been incredibly hard for me to find. A few years ago I found one randomly in a pet store that has since closed. It looks

exactly like this image I found

Does anyone know where I can find this guy or even what it is exactly? Thanks so much, I created this account to find this fish I love so much!


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