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Parrot Varieties

Pretty pretty parrots

Ive recently seen a beautiful parrot that ive never seen before, (although there all beautiful!) it was bright orange and had stark white bloches all over her/his body. i was wondering what kind this might be. I also seen a pure black and white parrot.... i jus dont know how they would have made or bred theses parrots this way? Hopefully there not dyed, they said it wasnt but i deff trust you guys on this site way more.

Green Parrot

Someone mentioned about green parrots the other day.

I found a pair of green parrots at our LFS in India. Actually I was shocked because I never dreamt of seeing one here.

The fish does not have any markings like the flower horn and is plain green like a normal parrot fish.

Is there anyway I could check whether the fish is dyed or not? Because I do not want to end up with a dyed parrot.

What Kind is This???

I have found this and wonder what kind of parrot it is? (If labeled correctly.)

It is on this page:

Dont know what my fish are

i went to petsmart and bought 4 fish they have the same exact shape and deformities as a blood parrot but they have more or less the colorations of a convict. there colors vary from fish to fish. now at the pet store they were labeled as severums. and the lady who was there told me thats what they were. i didnt quite believe her and they were 2.99 each so i bought all of them to stick in my former oscar tank with a 5 inch blood parrot and a 7 inch pleco. the unidentified fish were about the same size as my BP when i bought it and i doubt they are jellybeans.

What is a Parrot Cichlid?

Also known as Blood Parrot Cichlids, or BP's for short, Parrot Cichlids are a man-made hybrid of at least two kinds of Central American fish: the Red-headed Cichlid and the Red Devil. Although these original species are very aggressive, Parrot Cichlids have very different characteristics. They make great pets! They're both curious and intelligent, and are fascinating to watch if you are willing to put in the effort to care for the large tank they require.

Difference between Parrot and King Kong?

Hello I just joined this site and I can't believe i actually bought a pair. or at least i hope a pair of King kong Parrots.

They are currently in a 29 gallon tank and are about 2 inches or so. My guestion is whats the difference between King Kong and a reg. Parrot?

The lady at the fish store assured me that they are King Kong. They are mostly orange/whitish with a little black on the face. Really cute little things and I named them Pinky and Winky. Name seems to fit them


Looking to buy Jellybean Parrot

I would like to buy a pair or 2 of Jellybean parrot fish. I live in the USA and would need them to be shipped. If you have some for sale please email me I had a pair of these fish in early 2000. I moved and gave them back to the petshop they bred like the convicts. I'm wanting to put them in a tank with convicts. Thanks,

can some body help me?

i can't figure out whether or not i really have a parrot fish. the store told me it was and it looks like one but i've also heard that red devils look exactly like them.

My so called parrot fish is bright orange and has white rimmed eyes and very aggressive. my sister has one too, it's orange the same color as mine but its eyes are black and its also not aggressive. i would appreciate it if someone could help me figure this out.

Offspring Color of Dyed Parents?

I was given 5 parrotfish. They are sadly, dyed. I have 3 red+blue striped, 1 black striped and 1 w/ hearts on it. They all have a cream body color. The black striped male and 2 female red+blue striped bred.(Was not aware that 2 females would participate in brooding w/ 1 male) They had about 20 fry. I have since seperated them w/ a tank divider.

baby flowerhorn parrots

i just picked up two parrots from my lfs, they were marked as " bloody parrots" , but they are a gray in color, have the black areas along its body, and on of them has bright green dots on its rear fin, i know its not dyed, its a natural looking color. just wonderinf if i picked up flowerhorn parrots or just normal ones.


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