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Parrot Varieties

hey chris

segrest has flowerhorn parrots this week. woohoo been looking every week. i ordered 4. i think i'm going to keep them too. i don't know how big they will be or how nice they will look but i'm hopeing for the best. if they look good and the still have them i will order more next week. do you know can they breed?

My new Kilin Parrot...coolest ever!!!

Love this guy, known as Kilin or Kirin Parrots.

parrot variety

Could someone please look at my two parrots and see if they can decide if these are red blood parrots or something else? The first one is a 3-4 inch pale peach color with some black edgeing on fins, his face doesn't seem as "puffy" as some of the adults I've seen or like my smaller 2-3 inch one.


how much are convict parrots worth?  what have you guys seen them in the store for?  also, what are these parrots that are just colored brown and are sold for cheap?

Colour of BP

I do not want a dyed fish but I do want a BP. Is there a preferred colour to get out of the naturals: Red, Orange or Yellow? Presuming there is any choice at all. Maybe Big Al's will only have one colour ...thus limiting my choices!  ;)

Jellybean or Blood Parrot

Hey everyone,
I was wondering if you guys could help me distinguish if these little guys are Jellybeans or true Blood Parrots. I would also like to add that even though the fish appear dyed, I am not a fan of dying at all. I simply could not find any others near me, and these guys were sitting in the very corner of a too-small tank. I guess I partially felt sorry for them. Thanks for your help. They look like Jellybeans to me, but I was just wondering what you guys thought.
Parrot 1

What kind of Parrot is this?

I originally made a post about my new white BP fry. here

I have come back today and read that some of you guys were not sure what kind of BP i had or if even have a BP fry.

One member gave me some links, but my BP does not look like those pics. So here are some pics of my BP...Sorry they are so bad! I am just getting used to photographing the fry would not stay still..

Difference between blood parrot and jellybean parrot?

Hi i would like to know about jellybean cichlids,  i know that there are different colours. But i want  to no are they any different from parrot cichlids?
Do they grow smaller?
What breeds of fish breed to make jellybean cichlids? 
And any other info u guys have to tell me.

How Do You Tell ?

How do you tell the  difference between a jelly bean parrot&a "normal" parrot ?


Will all parrots eventually change to a beautiful color ? I know they do not all get the red ( orange ) color, but will they all change to some beautiful color ?


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