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Parrot Varieties


I put a down payment on a nice little killin parrot yesterday. Gonna pick him up in a week or so.  I'm so excited, I have been wanting one forever and had pretty much given up on finding one.  My cichlid collection is gonna be so sick once I have him. Anything I should know about them?  Are they that different from normal parrots other than their color?  I read and was told at the store they don't get as big. Can they breed? If so with what? Other parrots, convicts? Anything else? I love hybrid fish.

Thinking about how to breed and what to add to my tank ..... help please x

Hi, im new to this site, just found you tonight ! I have a Jewel 190 corner tank with 5 Parrots (my favourites ), 3 large, 2 small, 1 silver shark, 1 smaller red-tailed shark, 5 silver dollars, 2 clown loaches,1 golden algae eater, 1 spotted up-side down cat fish and 1 black cat-fish.I've been thinking about either getting a blue dolphin or Frontosa to add and maybe get rid of the catfish OR getting another tank and seeing if I can breed some cichlids, maybe a parrot x severum ?? Any tips or advice would be great , many thanks x

Jelly Bean Parrot Cichlids

Hi, hi! I just found some undyed, home grown Jelly Bean Parrot Cichlids. Should I just have one or could I have three? Now I just have to get my tank set up! Yay!


Kirin or Kilin Parrot Flowerhorn Cichlids

Does anyone have an opinion on Parrot Flowerhorns? Are they more aggressive? I read an odd statement that their creation had some inhumane methods.


My New Blood Parrot

Midas Cichlid

In another post I mentioned that I have a BP that is a major tank bully. I believe I may have been incorrectly sold a Midas Cichild, which I have now read can be very aggressive. Are these even in the BP family? I am now not sure what to do with my tank Bully. Can anyone offer any insight on differences / comparisons or any experience with Midas vs the BP?


Thank you

Parrott x Vieja Syn hybrid

My blue parrot faded color

Hi, my blue parrot was very briight blue color when I purchased him and now after several weeks, the color faded with only a tint of blue left.  Is it normal or am I doing something wrong?  Maybe the water hot/cold causes to change its color?  Someone please help and advise.  Thanks!!

New baby parrots!

Hi everyone, so yesterday I purchased two baby (very small) parrotfish so keep my larger adult parrot fish company. One baby is pure white, and one is bright red (like the adult). The adult doesn't seem to mind the white parrot, he only chases her occasionally, but the orange one he chases all the time! Do you think this is because they are the same color? Also, I know its only been a day and I shouldn't be too worried, but how long does it take for them to become friends? also, the white parrot, will she change color? Thanks

Parrot fish coloration/baby parrots

Hii I was wondering if all parrot fish eventually turn orange. At petsmart they have large parrot fish that are a pretty orange and then they also have tiny parrot fish that are black with stripes. I'm assuming these are babies but when I asked the woman at the fish counter she said they will not turn orange as they age and that they were bred that color. Is this true? Thanks!


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