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Parrot Varieties

Color change?

I have 7 blood parrots that when I bought them they had some black markings that have gone away as the fish matured.  I recently purchased a parrot fish that they called a "Panda" parrot.  He is a pale orange with black markings.  Does anyone know if the panda parrot will keep the black markings as it matures or will they fade away like the blood parrots' markings did?  If they will keep the black and pale color pattern I would like to get another panda parrot but if they will go away I won't get another.  Please let me know your experiences.

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Dwarf Parrot Cichlid

Has anyone came across this species? TOPPY PARROT FISH CICHLID.

Pearl White in color and ARE SAID TO REMAIN SMALL (2 in).

What are it's possible parents?


I was passing by a nail salon place and happened to look in the window and saw a 200 gl. tank housing a couple of large, familiar looking fish. I took a double take and wound up going in. There was these two Parrot fish doing a typical standoff/dance/fight thing that they do! These fish were at least 10 inches long and really thick. The guy that owned the place wasnt able to tell me if they were the blood parrots that we know and love ( the hybrids) or if they were the other parrot fish found out there naturally.

dwarf parrots


 I have a 48 gallon freshwater aquarium with a few platys and swordtails, I just found out that there are dwarf parrot fish Does anyone know how large they get?I,ve heard 2" I do not want to buy them only to find out they get big

thanks barefoot2

Veil Tail Kilin

Hello all,

Today I brought home the most beautiful Killin/Kirin veil tail parrot chiclid.  Has/does anyone here have expierence with these fish? The temperment I was told is comparable to a BP.  Any info would be appreciatedsmiley

Thank you!

Fantastic article on the genetics and ancestry of Parrot Cichlids

If you are interested in breeding Blood Parrot Cichlids and how different crosses affect the outcome, this is a great article:

My Parrots and One Imposter

I decided to post a few pictures of my parrots. My names are totally unimaginative. This is Pretty One, the largest and least shy. The others are hiding.

P7240001.jpg image by pookieben

This is Bonzo. I ordered him online as a Kirin Parrot but he's not. Plus he's very aggressive. Does he look familiar to you, Nieko?

colour of parrot

recently my one red parrotscolour near its stomach is fading away also the stomach is quite a bit large and protuding out.plz sggt  wht is it?and what is the food that i can feed my parrot in order to regain their colour.

Kirin Parrot or Shortbody Flowerhorn

What do you think?

fwflowerhorn1339727778.jpg image by pookieben

This guy is being sold as a kirin parrot. He's beautiful but is he a kirin? I hope so.

Baby Parrots




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